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How You Remove Oil Stains From Rustic Furniture

If you have rustic furniture, you may be wondering how you remove oil stains from it. This article explains two of the best ways to clean oil stains. Vinegar and Tung oil both have excellent cleaning abilities. You can repeat this process as often as needed. You may also use a warm iron to liquefy the solidified oils. But keep in mind that these two methods may not be the most effective.

Tung oil

A natural solution to oil stains is tung oil. This penetrating oil is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and doesn’t yellow like other finishes. It is used to restore the wood’s luster and color. Tung oil is the best option to remove oil stains from rustic furniture because it won’t damage the wood’s finish. You can buy tung oil at any home improvement store.

To remove stubborn oil stains from wooden furniture, simply use a small amount of soap suds and warm water. Rub the cloth gently into the affected area, making sure not to scratch the surface. After cleaning, blot the excess oil with a clean cloth, and let dry. You can repeat as necessary. If the oil stain is stubborn, scrub it in with a soft brush, but use caution when using a steel brush as it will scratch the surface.

Another effective solution to remove oil stains from rustic furniture is to apply a protective coating. Beeswax and paste wax can be used to restore the wood. Apply the wax with a cloth in circular motions to apply the wax evenly. Be careful not to over-apply the wax, as it may leave a residue. Buff the wood with a dry cloth after applying the paste. This step is very important.


If your rustic furniture is stained with oil or wax, there are several easy ways to remove them, including vinegar. Vinegar, a weak form of acetic acid, cuts through oil and doubles as a sanitizer. Simply use white vinegar or hot water to remove the oil stain, but do not overdo it. When wiping off your furniture, use a damp cloth to minimize exposure to excess moisture. Rinse thoroughly and let dry.

Adding steel wool to a solution of vinegar will help you achieve a gray finish on the wood. To prevent a resurgence of oil stains, you can also soak the steel wool in vinegar overnight or for 24 hours. If your rustic furniture is extremely oily or has a lot of oil, you can add hydrogen peroxide to darken the stain. Make sure that you use distilled vinegar because it has a bluish tint.

Another way to remove oil stains from rustic furniture is by cleaning it with lavender oil. Its delicate aroma makes it ideal for use on rustic furniture. Lavender oil can be added to the vinegar solution to clean it effectively. Using this solution will not only make your furniture shine but will also chase away moths. In addition to cleaning, lavender oil is also used for scenting and deodorizing.

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