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How To Wash Bathroom Rugs

bathroom mat

Most people understand the importance of keeping the bathroom clean. However, there are some things that can get swept under the rug, so to speak. Bathroom rugs and mats are notorious bastions of bacteria and dirt, and clean bathroom rugs make a big difference.

Luckily, if you establish a regular cleaning schedule and process for your bath rugs, it quickly becomes much easier to keep them clean. This can help reduce odours, limit bacterial growth, and make your bathroom seem more spick-and-span.

Keep reading to find details on how and when to wash bathroom rugs, as well as details on how to wash bath mats of different types.

How Often Should I Wash My Bath Mat?

Bath rugs can quickly become a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and other pathogens. If they are left for long periods with no cleaning, they can even develop mold which can spread to other parts of your bathroom.

You should wash your bath every 1–2 weeks depending on usage. If you have lots of people bathing or using the bathroom frequently, then you will want to wash it every week.

Ultimately, how often you end up cleaning bathroom rugs will depend on how dirty it gets and how often it is used.

If you only have a couple of people in your household using the bathroom, you can sometimes stretch it to every 3–4 weeks.

Cleaning Basic Bathroom Area Rugs

Most new bathroom rugs consist of soft cloth material with rubber backing. These types of bath rugs are typically very easy to clean. They can generally be cleaned by following the same simple process described below.

Things You Will Need:

There are a few things you will need to properly wash your mat on a regular basis:

  • Washing machine
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dryer
  • Vinegar (for soaking heavily soiled mats)
  • A stiff brush (for removing stubborn dirt and debris)
  • Rubber gloves (for washing bath mats by hand)
  • Sponge

How To Clean Your Mat

The basic process behind washing a bath rug is as follows:

  1. Check the tag. The tag on your mat should have instructions and restrictions for washing and drying. Failing to follow these guidelines can damage the mat.
  2. Shake out the mat. Take the mat outside and shake out any dirt and debris. You can also use a stiff brush to remove any stubborn filth.
  3. Place the mat(s) in your washing machine. Depending on the size of the mats, you may be able to wash more than one at once. However, make sure not to overcrowd your machine, as this will reduce efficiency and can cause damage.
  4. Wash the mat(s) in a cold water setting. Washing with cold water is recommended over hot water to avoid straining the fabric or causing shrinkage.
  5. Dry the mats on a low-temp tumble dry setting. After the wash cycle is complete and the mats are out of the wash, place them in the dryer. Machine drying them on a low-temp setting will avoid shrinkage or damage to the fabric.

Cleaning Different Types Of Bath Rugs

Although most bath rugs are made of similar materials and can be washed and dried using the basic process described above, some mats are made of more sensitive materials that require special attention.

Types of bath rugs that require special attention are available from retailers such as Southwestern Rugs Depot. These include:

  • Chenille mats
  • Nylon mats
  • Bamboo mats
  • Organic mats

How To Wash Microfiber and Chenille Bath Mats

Microfiber and chenille bath rugs are popular choices due to how quickly they dry and how soft they are when you step on them. These types of mats should generally be washed and dried on the most delicate settings, but hand washing can be more effective:

  1. Take the mats outside and shake out any dirt and debris.
  2. Mix 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of water, and two tablespoons of laundry soap in a spray bottle.
  3. Spray any stains and scrub them lightly with a cloth or soft brush.
  4. Fill a bathtub or other large tub with warm water and add 3-4 tablespoons of detergent.
  5. With rubber gloves on, scrub the mat gently with a sponge. Bamboo mats should not be completely submerged in water.
  6. Rinse with fresh water.
  7. Hang the mat(s) outside to try.

Can I Machine Wash My Bathroom Rugs?

Many types of bath rugs are machine washable. However, some bath mats have special materials that make machine washing a no-no.

Generally, cloth bath mats without special material backings are machine-washable, but it is always good to make sure.

You can machine wash your bathroom rug. However, you will want to check the tag on the mat for any washing instructions before doing so. Some bath mats are not machine-washable.

To wash the mat, place it in the machine and make sure it is not overcrowded with towels or other thick items.

Use a gentle washing soap and wash your bath rug in cold temperatures. Hang mats inside for drying or tumble dry on a low-temp setting.


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