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How to Use Traditional Furniture in a Coastal Living Room

A striking light fixture can balance traditional furniture. A dramatic color scheme is also appropriate. Neutral colors and natural materials are key in coastal living rooms. Armchairs can also add a touch of character. Modern coastal houses should have sleek silhouettes and clean lines. Traditional furniture in coastal style should be complemented by a striking light fixture. Here are a few design tips to help you create the perfect coastal living room:

Natural materials

You can still use natural materials for traditional furniture in a coastal living area, as long as you stick to neutral colors. Choose natural materials such as wood or wicker. Other options include rattan, wicker, or Bowker. Choosing the right colors for your furnishings depends on the design style and your own taste. Natural materials such as wicker and rattan are a great choice for coastal living rooms because they have a lighter look than darker materials.

Natural materials are organic, natural materials. They differ from manmade materials like plastic and vinyl. Generally speaking, natural materials are more eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, they can help improve your mental health. Listed below are a few examples of materials you can use in your coastal living room. These materials will enhance your design scheme and create a more welcoming atmosphere. Natural materials are also great options if you’re working with a limited budget.

Neutral colors

Coastal style is synonymous with laidback charm and calm contemporary decor. The perfect way to achieve this look is to use neutral colors for walls and furniture, accentuating with blue accents and natural woven textures. Adding nautical-themed prints and deckchair stripes can also create a relaxed seaside vibe. For a British seaside feel, use bright whites and faded denim blues.

For a traditional-style living room, neutral shades can be dressed up with high-impact color schemes. You can add a splash of aqua to a leather couch or a glass chandelier. You can also use brown to create a cozy ambiance, pairing it with earth tones and coastal-inspired decor. Wood finishes have different undertones, so choosing the right shade can help you avoid clashing colors and ensure a harmonious combination.

Decorative accents

A coastal living room is a space where traditional pieces of furniture are placed in a lighter color palette and accented with blue accents. For example, a plush cream sofa can be accented with bright blue throw pillows. A navy blue herringbone rug placed in the center of the room frames two bold tropical print accent chairs and creates a playful and eclectic look. A blue and white awning-striped sofa with cream throw pillows and beige-colored trim sits in front of a bright white trimmed window, while a wicker ottoman is placed under a nautical print poster.

While slipcovered furniture is a staple of coastal homes, modern ones should stick to clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Incorporating woven accents is an excellent choice for a coastal living room. Jute rugs are a good choice for accenting traditional wicker chairs, while industrial lighting provides a modern edge. Lastly, consider adding a striking light fixture to balance out traditional pieces.


In this light-filled coastal living room, a patterned Berber rug sets the scene for a large plush blue sectional sofa. A clean-lined white coffee table has side cutouts to emulate seashore scenery. Behind the blue sofa, a rattan footstool with beige trim and an open pillared rope chandelier provide a nautical aesthetic. While the furnishings may look dated, they are comfortable and practical.

A classic striped sofa makes a stylish focal point for a coastal-themed living room. A dfs sofa has a subtle stripe and can work well with a variety of styles. It is also a good choice for a coastal-themed living room since its neutral hue will complement any other style in the room. A soft coastal scheme can be enhanced with sculptural dark wooden furniture.

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