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How to Use Nautical Decor to Create the Perfect Living Room

Whether you love the sea or are a history buff, using nautical decor in your living room can add a unique, yet classic flair to your home. There are many ways to incorporate nautical style into your home, including adding anchor pillows, Ship wheels, and even Map-themed wallpaper. Keep reading to find out how to use nautical decor to create the perfect living room! Let us help you get started.

Anchor pillows

Choosing the right accent pieces can make a dramatic impact in a nautical living room. Seagrass baskets or sea-themed artwork are great places to start. Wooden anchor decor on a large hook can also be placed on a wall. For a more historical look, wooden tall ships can add a unique flair to a formal living room. And if you want to add an element of nautical style without spending a lot of money, reclaimed sailcloth is a great option.

Ship wheels

The nautical theme is not complete without a ship wheel. Although modern homes incorporate this motif with accents, real ship wheels are even more impressive. If you’re decorating for a nautical theme, place a decorative ship wheel over a fireplace. When decorating with a ship wheel, make sure to keep the surrounding space clean and uncluttered. Then, you can enjoy the nautical look in your living room.

Map-themed wallpaper

If you have a nautical home, the nautical decor is a great way to bring the outside into your living space. You can incorporate maps into your living room and add them to your walls. Maritime charts are often colorful representations of sea life and blend well into a variety of styles and designs. Choosing a nautical map for your living room is easy – simply select a design that matches the size of the room and the theme of your living space.

Gallery walls

Adding a touch of the sea to your living room is easy with decorative oars. A vintage oar propped against the wall will add a charming nautical touch. Or you can hang a small collection of sailboat models from your mantel. You can even purchase a wooden tall ship model to add a touch of history to your living room. These pieces are available at many home décor stores.

Shiplap wallpaper

If you want to give your living room an eclectic feel, you can install shiplap wallpaper. The rustic texture of shiplap is suitable for almost any design aesthetic. Incorporating a shiplap can give the room a warm and inviting feel while adding a stylish touch. It can be used as a feature wall or as a shelving solution. The textured surface makes it easy to add books and ornaments without clashing with the other decor.

Reclaimed pallet wood

If you are planning to upcycle your living room furniture, one great option is using reclaimed pallet wood. These wood pieces are perfect for indoor and outdoor decor, as they’re free of chemicals and are environmentally friendly. These pieces also make for the perfect seating for friends and family. And since they can be used to build outdoor furniture, you can even use them as flooring. You can find them in many different places, so you should shop around for the best ones.


While chartreuse can be overwhelming in a living room, it can also be a soothing accent color. This color pairs well with green and blue, both of which are said to promote relaxation and harmony. To create a soothing atmosphere, use chartreuse in small touches throughout the room, such as a patterned curtain or a decorative pillow. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, try pairing chartreuse with a neutral color like brown or black.


To achieve a nautical-themed living room, start by choosing accent pieces that incorporate the sea life motif. You can use striped throw pillows, vintage oars propped against a wall, and wooden anchor decor hung from big hooks. To complete the look, add driftwood, shells, and scented candles. For a more dramatic effect, incorporate a rowboat-shaped rope clock.


A nautical-style living room can include accent pieces such as a compass pattern throw pillow or a vintage oar propped against the wall. A wooden tall ship model can also add a historical flair to a formal living room. Incorporate nautical colors throughout your living room. Adding rugs in nautical tones will add a seafaring theme to your room. And don’t forget the sea!

Striped deckchairs

A nautical living room is a fun way to incorporate stripes into your decor. This style is both comfortable and convenient. Striped deckchairs work well as indoor/outdoor seating, and they come in many different styles. Depending on your style and budget, you can add armrests and a pocket to store valuables. You can also purchase a chair that folds flat and has a supportive neck pillow.

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