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How to Update Rustic Furniture

If you’re wondering how to update rustic furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to make your new pieces pop. You can start by distressing the piece to give it a new look. If you’ve already painted it, you can also use the same technique to give it a new look. Just be sure to follow the same color scheme as the original piece. You can also paint it the same color as the wall color.

Distressing furniture is a fun way to add a new look

Whether you’re looking to add an antique look to your existing furniture or give an old piece a new lease on life, distressing can help you achieve that look. A distressed finish is a good choice for furniture with a heavy lacquer or layer of paint. The process is fun and rewarding, but it is essential to practice scrap wood before you attempt it on your furniture. After a few practices runs, you’ll have the desired effect in no time.

While distressing your furniture can be a tedious process, there are several techniques that you can use to achieve the look you desire. A rag can remove a wider amount of paint than a sanding pad, but is less abrasive and can be used with more pressure. You should avoid the sandpaper method if you’re trying to keep the original wood stain intact. Using a rag is also best for removing paint from raised details.

Keeping a color scheme consistent

If you’re planning to update your rustic furniture, you’ll want to consider a color scheme. Rustic furniture often looks best in a neutral color scheme. Neutral colors are great for mixing and matching styles. For example, you could use taupe for your living room, sky blue for your dining room, and black for your bedroom. While you don’t have to use the same color scheme in every room, neutral colors can help make your home feel more cohesive and balanced.

To achieve a midcentury-style room, combine rustic and midcentury elements. This can be challenging, but experimenting with different color schemes can produce surprising results. For example, a patterned rug with teal in it gives a contemporary look to a midcentury-style living room. The midcentury shelving and vintage fireplace are other nods to rustic imagery. This color scheme is an excellent choice for this type of room.

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