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How to Tell Authentic Vintage Native American Saddle Rugs

If you are interested in buying a vintage Native American saddle rug, there are many things to look for. Authentic rugs don’t have fringe and will be in excellent condition. Look for a section line, end border, side selvage cord, and other important characteristics. Then, buy only if you are certain you’re getting a vintage Native American rug. In addition to the above features, look for twill weaving if you see the twill weaving technique.

Navajo rugs have no fringe

When it comes to choosing vintage Native American saddle rugs, you want to be sure you’re getting one made by a real weaver from the southwest. Most authentic rugs don’t have fringe, and a few other features will help you tell a genuine rug from a fake. For example, if a rug has side cords along its sides, it is likely to be a fake.

They have section lines

If you’re considering purchasing an authentic vintage Native American saddle rug, then you should look for section lines. These lines indicate a weaving process that was not completed with a continuous loom. For example, if your rug has section lines on the bottom, this means the warp threads have not been completed. This is not the same as a “section line” woven in a different pattern, which is not considered authentic.

They have end borders

The end borders of an Authentic Vintage Native American saddle rug are often the first thing you’ll notice about this particular type of rug. The end borders of Navajo rugs are usually wide and often feature a continuous warp, which means that the warp thread is not cut off at the ends. Instead, the warp thread goes from the bottom of the loom to the top of the rug and loops back to the bottom. This creates the foundation for the rug, while the weft threads create the design pattern.

They have a side selvage cord

One of the most distinguishing features of authentic vintage Native American saddle rugs is the presence of a side selvage cord. The cord runs parallel to the length of the rug and is often woven into the fabric. The cord serves as a reminder of the weaving process, as well as a protective barrier. Authentic vintage Native American saddle rugs may also be hand-sewn, resulting in a unique design.

They have no fringe

What are the characteristics of a genuine Navajo saddle rug? Authentic rugs are made without fringe and lack side selvage cords. While the fringe of a rug is a common feature of many Navajo rugs, some fakes lack it. The twisted side selvage cords on Navajo rugs help them keep a straight edge while weaving.

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