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How To Tell Authentic Navajo Rugs From A Fake

If you’ve been looking for the perfect area rug for your home, you may be wondering how to tell an authentic Navajo rug from a fake. Fortunately, there are a few things you can look for to help you identify an authentic Navajo rug. The first thing to look for is horizontal bands and side cords. Navajo rugs are also woven on an upright loom and are made from 100% sheep wool.

Navajo rugs have horizontal bands

Authentic Navajo rugs have banded designs. These designs are typically simple and often depict animals and plants. They are also sometimes depicted with traditional motifs like wild animals. These rugs are made by Native Americans in the Two Grey Hills area of New Mexico. The most elaborate banded designs are called Wide Ruins. The banded designs are made with broad strips of color, narrow bands with detailed motifs, and thin straight lines in contrasting colors. The shapes within these broader bands are sometimes outlined with a different color.

They are woven on an upright loom

The origin of Authentic Navajo Rugs is difficult to decipher. Although the rugs were traditionally used as blankets, they are actually woven on an upright loom. This unique process of weaving gives them a high quality, unique look, and an incredible amount of texture. Moreover, these rugs are made entirely of natural materials, which makes them much more durable than carpets.

They are made from 100% sheep wool

Authentic Navajo Rugs are woven by Navajo weavers from 100% sheep wool. In addition to the wool, rugs are also decorated with hand-carved designs. Because of the high demand for these rugs, many weavers have resorted to reselling them in retail stores. Some retailers sell them at markups of more than 500 percent.

They have side cords

Authentic Navajo Rugs often have side cords on their edges. This ensures a straighter edge and will distinguish a genuine piece from a replica. Look for two or three side cords on an authentic rug. Side cords are woven into the rug’s design. Most authentic rugs are handwoven. However, if you’re unsure, you can always consult the manufacturer to see if there’s a difference.

They have no fringe

Authentic Navajo Rugs have minimal or no fringe. They are woven with continuous warp threads, which create loops at the ends of the rug. Rugs without fringe are likely to be saddle blankets or tapestry-quality weavings. These are not designed for the floor and may be made of synthetic yarns. If you have a question, contact a Navajo rug dealer for advice.

They require documentation

It is crucial to note that Authentic Navajo Rugs require certain documentation and can command a high price. Although the popularity of Navajo rug designs has given rise to some fair trade enterprises, it has also led to suffering among Navajo weavers. As a matter of fact, 90% of the indigenous populations in the southwestern U.S. depend on their crafts for income.

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