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How to Tastefully Mix Rustic Shabby Farmhouse Furniture Decor With New Mid-Century Style

If you’d like to incorporate the best of both worlds into your home, you’ll want to learn how to tastefully mix rustic shabbiness and mid-century modern style. Here are some ideas: Add reclaimed wood to a headboard; Add copper kitchenware, and Use quilts and coverlets to dress up the bed. While these ideas may not be the easiest to pull off, you’ll find they’re easier to achieve than you might think.

Bringing rustic and midcentury modern styles together

It’s possible to mix rustic and modern styles and still have an entirely cohesive room. Rustic decor is ideal for bringing contemporary styles into a more rustic space, and vice versa. This style melds well with the industrial and Scandinavian decor, but you must be confident enough to mix both styles in a room. One way to achieve cohesiveness is to use similar finishes and different intensities of the same color family. You can balance the look with a larger antique.

Adding repurposed wood to a headboard

Adding repurposed wood to refinish a headboard is an easy way to create a unique bedroom design. A full-sized headboard is easily made of three panels of poplar boards and a piece of binder cane. If you are a creative person, you can weave the panels yourself for maximum control over pattern and size. Otherwise, you can purchase pre-woven caning material and use it for instant gratification. Another creative idea is to install a floating shelf above the headboard and outfit it with some plants.

Adding copper kitchenware

Adding copper to your kitchen is a simple way to spice it up. Copper kitchenware is a classic material that only gets better with age. Group three pieces together to create a more cohesive look. You can even add vintage pictures to create a special corner of your country kitchen. And you don’t need to buy expensive copper pots and pans. You can get similar results for less than $20 by using copper spray paint.

Adding quilts and coverlets

Adding quilts and coverlets to rustic-shabby farmhouse furniture decor will add a warm touch and add texture to any room. These accessories can also be upcycled to create a timeworn look. A worn-looking wooden chair will be a welcome substitute for a traditional bedside table. Fresh-cut flowers always add a warm touch to farmhouse decor. And don’t forget to add fresh flowers to your bed.

Adding beadboard to a living room

If you love a mixture of two or more different styles, you can add both to your living room, including beadboard. While the rustic look may seem out of place with beadboard, you should try to avoid letting one style dominate the other. For example, an elegant cherrywood table will clash with a rustic white bookshelf. On the other hand, rustic white furnishings will blend well with white furniture.

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