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How to Style Beach Cottage Decor When You Have Brown Carpet

Orange and red are complementary colors for beach cottage furnishings. Red and orange go together well, and you can also choose printed wallpaper. Printed wallpaper is especially appropriate for beach homes. Light-colored sofas are more likely to stain and need to be covered in slipcovers. Light-colored curtains are also a good choice. If you have a brown carpet, consider installing a light-colored rug.

Red is similar to orange

If you have a sandy beach cottage, a red loveseat will look great on your brown carpet. Red is a warm color that pairs well with beige walls and carpet. It will also add some pops of color to your decor. Red pairs well with brown carpet and walls and look great when combined with darker accent furniture. This can make your beach cottage feel more welcoming. Read on for some tips for styling your beach cottage with red.

Light-colored sofas tend to stain

Light-colored sofas tend to stain a brown carpet in a beach cottage. Instead, choose a warm grey couch and a light beige rug. Orange-colored sofas also work well with brown carpeting because both orange and brown are warm colors. Mix orange with blue to get brown. Darker brown carpets also look good in beach cottage decor. Light-colored sofas tend to stain a brown carpet, but be careful to use them sparingly.

Printed wallpaper is at home in a beach house

Printed wallpaper is a great way to update a beach house. The pattern can be in the color of the sea, or it can be a calming floral design. The colors can be subtle or bold, and you can mix and match depending on your style. Choose wallpaper that’s made from stain-resistant vinyl. If you have brown carpet, a light floral print is a nice touch.

Slipcover furniture

The key to the coastal design is incorporating slip-covered furniture. Slipcovered furniture is sturdy, yet supple, making it an excellent addition to your beach cottage decor. These furniture pieces have a vintage feel that will work well in coastal cottages. Most beach houses and cabins feature exposed structural beams. You can choose to paint them to match the walls or leave them unfinished, giving your room a unique textured look.

Coastal accents

Coastal accents are an easy way to add a fresh, beachy feel to a room, but you may have a tough time incorporating them into your current decor if you already have a brown carpet. The good news is that you can easily switch out a carpet for a beachy rug that looks just as great as the other. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Coastal color palette

A Coastal color palette pairs well with brown carpet. When used as a wall color or accent, a dusty seafoam green looks elegant and is perfect for a room that contains ornate accessories. A wall-to-wall area rug in this color will add a regal feel. And if your carpet is a lighter shade, a softer pink color is a nice accent.

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