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How to Store Cowhide Rugs

When storing your cowhide rugs, be sure to avoid high-traffic areas. Keep them away from damp environments and vacuum them regularly. There are a few other tips to keep them looking like new. Follow these guidelines and your cowhide rug will be as good as new in no time! We hope you find this information helpful! Until then, happy shopping! And, most importantly, remember to have fun!

Shaking off cowhide rugs

If you want to keep your cowhide rugs clean, shake them off periodically. Shaking the floor can loosen dirt that’s been lodged deeper into the cloth. Vacuuming your cowhide rugs is similar to vacuuming other types of rugs. However, you should make sure to adjust the settings on your vacuum so that the cleaning process is gentle enough for cowhide rugs. Shaking off cowhide rugs is a simple method that can effectively remove dust and stains.

Avoiding high-traffic areas

While cowhide rugs are very durable and can last for many years, they are still subject to wear and tear. Cleaning and storage are key to maintaining their beauty and luster. It’s best to avoid high-traffic areas, store them in a low-traffic area, and rotate them periodically to ensure even wear. Rotating cowhide rugs once a month will keep them looking good for many years to come.

Vacuuming regularly

Cleaning cowhide rugs is an essential part of their maintenance, and it is vital to vacuum them periodically. Over time, loose dirt and dust will accumulate and damage the leather. Constant foot traffic can grind dirt particles into the rug, and these may never be removed. In severe cases, it can cause extensive damage to the leather. Vacuuming regularly is the best way to prevent these problems.

Avoiding damp environments

Cowhide rugs can suffer from damage if they are stored in damp rooms. The animal skin can become stiff and cracked due to moisture, and the environment can also promote mold growth, which will further damage your cowhide rug. Many customers use cowhide rugs as centerpieces in the entrance hall of their homes. They add a warm ambiance to the room and are extremely durable, but they do need to be stored properly to avoid damage.

Cleaning after spills

The best way to clean cowhide rugs after spills are to scrub them thoroughly with a clean, damp cloth. Once the soap and stain have been removed, use a new cloth to wipe off any remaining soap and dirt. Let the rug air dry before placing it back in the room. If the stain remains, try scrubbing it again. In case it still does not come out, you can hire a professional cleaner to clean it.

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