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How to Stain Wood Furniture For a Rustic Look

For a rustic, distressed look, you can use a variety of staining products. These include Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator stain and Distressed wood finish. You can also use Chalk paint or Osmo Unix. Follow the instructions below to apply these products to your wooden furniture. Once it’s dry, you can apply the final finish.

Distressed wood

One way to give your home a rustic, worn-out look is to add distressing to wood furniture. This look works best on pieces that have been painted several times or have been heavily lacquered. The process of distressing wood furniture can be fun and rewarding, but it is important to practice on scrap pieces before making any big decisions. Using two-step distressing processes can help you achieve the look you’re after in no time. You can also use other methods to restore wood furniture.

Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator stain

If you’ve always wanted your wood furniture to have a more rustic look, Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerated Stain might be your ticket. This stain mimics the natural aging process on wood by reacting with the wood’s tannins. Once dry, this stain creates an aged gray appearance on the wood. The result is a unique aged gray color, perfect for a rustic look.

Osmo Unix

Osmo’s wood wax finish combines the benefits of both oils and waxes to create a durable, satin-matte finish. The oil penetrates the wood pores while the wax adheres to the surface. This water-resistant finish will not flake, peel, or penalize. If spilled liquids fall on the piece, you can simply wipe the affected area clean.

Chalk paint

Using a watered-down solution of white paint, you can apply a wash to dark wood pieces. This wash seeps into the grain, acting like a stain. Wipe back any excess for a translucent or limed finish. This technique works best on unfinished wood pieces. It can also be used to give a wood piece a rich and aged look.

Paint-over stain

To paint over a piece of wood furniture, you must first prepare it properly. Remove any varnish. Before painting, the wood should feel rough and smooth. You need to prepare the surface so that the new paint can adhere well to the wood. Use a putty knife or metal pick to remove old varnish and clean the surface. Make sure to work in an open area, such as the garage or community workspace, with proper ventilation.

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