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How to Sell Your Rustic Furniture Online For Free

You can sell your rustic furniture online for free by using sites such as Craigslist, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon Handmade. These sites are all free and have strict vetting processes. Here are a few tips to get started selling your items. All of these sites have high traffic and you may be surprised to learn that they have even more buyers than you think! But how do you choose the best sites to sell on?


One of the most popular selling platforms for rustic furniture is Craigslist. You can find thousands of buyers on Craigslist, and the furniture will be in good condition. The site will help you coordinate pick-up and will keep 50% of the sale price. You can also use social media to draw traffic to your ad and make sure to include a good photo of your furniture. When posting your ad, let buyers know where you’re located, and whether or not you’ll pay for shipping.

If you’re looking to sell rustic furniture online, Craigslist offers an excellent free method. You’ll be able to reach a large number of potential buyers, and you can sell any item that you want for a low price. Craigslist allows you to add photos and include three images. If you’re selling a heavy item, you’ll want to specify how much it weighs so that buyers know how much they should expect to pay.


If you’re considering making and selling your own rustic furniture, there are several ways to make a profit. Craigslist, for example, is a great place to sell locally. While Craigslist is typically focused on local classified ads, it is possible to find them in other areas. Etsy, on the other hand, thrives on handmade and creative items. Create a separate page for handmade furniture in your Etsy store.

Before listing your handmade rustic furniture, gather shipping quotes. Try asking for several quotes from different shipping companies. Get quotes for shipping to different places, from big cities to the middle of nowhere. Then, decide how much you’d like to charge. Once you’ve done that, you can complete your listings. Here are some tips for making your listing look as good as possible:

Facebook Marketplace

There are many advantages of selling your rustic furniture on Facebook. In addition to free marketing, you can reach more people. There are many groups you can join in order to promote your product. Once you’ve joined a group, post your listing to it. Once a group has a set number of members, you can start selling your furniture to them. To sell rustic furniture online for free, you should follow the following steps.

o, Make sure you include keywords in your post. Keywords are crucial because they help your post show up in search engines. If you’re a blogger or a YouTuber, you already know how important keywords are for SEO. Add keywords to your posts in order to boost the chances of them being found by prospective customers. Remember, the more keywords you use, the better your chances of selling your furniture on Facebook.

Amazon Handmade

If you are looking for free advertising for rustic furniture, you may want to consider Craigslist. Craigslist is an online classified ad listing site that lists all kinds of things for sale. There is a section for furniture, so you can post a description and some pictures to attract buyers. You will need an email address to contact potential buyers, but you can mask your email address so that people won’t recognize it.

One of the first things you need to do when selling homemade furniture is taken decent photos. People tend to buy handmade items online, and bad pictures can sabotage a sale. But with modern phones, you can take decent pictures in a variety of settings and lighting. Try taking multiple photos of your handmade items from various angles and try to take a 360-degree photo of your products. The more photos you take, the better.

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