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How To Sell Native American Rugs

If you own a collection of Native American rugs, you may be wondering how to sell them. Here are some tips. First, you need to determine their value. Once you know how much these items are worth, you can group them by color. Second, determine if they are genuine. If they are, they should be priced appropriately. Third, sell only items that are one-of-a-kind. You should also try to find as many of these pieces as possible.

Navajo rugs

If you are considering selling your Navajo rugs, there are several ways to go about this. You can choose to sell them to a professional retailer, donate them to a museum, or sell them online on sites such as eBay. The more professional and certified your appraiser, the better. A professional appraisal includes a certificate of authenticity and can also be used to make recommendations for reputable tailors. Digital photography allows for detailed photographs of Navajo rugs, which is especially important when doing an online appraisal.

Typically, Navajo rugs have a large border and feature intricate geometric patterns. They often include stars and feathers. These rugs are usually made from undyed wool and feature a high amount of intricate designs. The weave is also extremely fine on these rugs. The weave is generally more intricate on two gray hills rugs. They are often surrounded by a black border and often include a number of stars and crosses.

The price of a Navajo rug depends on the fineness of the yarn and design. These rugs are woven on the same type of loom for 300 years. This makes them remarkably durable and complex, with delicate details and balancing designs. Occasionally, Mexican replicas of Navajo rugs will be sold in the market, but they will be difficult to distinguish from authentic Navajo rugs.

Navajo blankets

Several different ways exist to sell Navajo blankets. Some are made of the same wool, and some are not. It all depends on the condition of the blanket. You can sell your Navajo blankets to a buyer who is familiar with the Navajo way of life. You can even use the same blanket to sell other items, like rugs or paintings. If you want to sell Navajo blankets, you can also make rugs.

The artistic complexity of Navajo blankets is unmatched. You’ll find simple bold stripes to intricate geometric patterns. These blankets are studies in composition, balance, and contrast. The Navajo weavers use very simple tools to make these textiles. They use their heads to plot out the patterns and designs in their blankets, which requires expert artistic skills and multidimensional thinking. It’s also important to know the history of Navajo blankets.

The history of Navajo rugs dates back to ancient times. The oldest Navajo rug, the Massacre Cave blanket, was not retrieved until much later since it was taboo for a Navajo to enter the holy cave. However, an American trader named Sam Day was able to retrieve it and sell it to museums in the US. Today, the average price for a Navajo rug is $8000.

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