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How to Sell Native American Rugs and Blankets

If you have Native American rugs or blankets, you may wonder how to sell them. There are several ways to sell your Navajo rugs and blankets. There are many ways to sell these beautiful items, including eBay and professional retailers. Regardless of the type of Native American rug or blanket you have, you should follow these tips to get the best price. Listed below are some options for selling your Native American rugs and blankets.

Navajo rugs

You may want to sell your Navajo rugs. This type of rug is highly sought-after, unique, and valuable. In fact, Navajo rugs have been around for over 500 years. Here are some tips to sell your Navajo rugs. First, make sure that you don’t buy a fake rug. Look for a trustworthy dealer that is honest and upfront, and offers a guarantee of authenticity.

Secondly, ensure that the Navajo rug you are selling is original and of good quality. A good example of this is a rug that was created by Navajo weavers. This piece may have no fringe, but it has all wool. The side selvage cord stands out against the dark background. You can purchase a piece as unique as it is, or sell a collection of rugs to raise money.

When selling a Navajo rug, make sure to explain the design and the quality. A typical Navajo rug has 30 wefts per linear inch, but the Two Grey Hills rug from Toadlena has forty to fifty. It is also worth mentioning that a special section was set up for weaver Daisy Taugelchee, who wove textiles with up to 115 wefts per inch.

Navajo blankets

If you are wondering how to sell Navajo blankets, the first step is to understand what they are. Traditionally, Navajos used blankets as ceremonial items, for bedding, and as warmth. Today, you can buy blankets in many styles and colors, from robes to fringed designs. You can even sell them yourself if you have some time to spare. Here are some tips to help you sell your blankets:

Navajo chief’s blankets are among the most popular and collectible weavings. These blankets were first made in the late 1700s and were popular with Navajo chiefs and kings. In the nineteenth century, a single blanket could sell for fifty dollars and now fetch up to half a million dollars. The artistry and rarity of the blankets make them valuable collectibles.

The design of a Navajo blanket shows the influence of the outside world. Many of them have partial borders, a trend that became popular in the early 1900s. The Navajo weavers may have seen these exotic Oriental rugs through photos and drew inspiration from them. Similarly, there are also many pieces that feature added design elements. A few examples include a Gallup throw, a Navajo blanket, or a Navajo rug.

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