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How to Sell Cowhides in Runescape 2007

So you’ve just killed a cow and now you’re wondering how to sell cowhides. The good news is that the OSRS base version is the same as the 2007 version! This is the same way you make money off cows. The cows drop cowhide when you kill them, and you can turn it into soft leather for free or hard leather for 3 coins. There are tanners in Varrock, Canifis, and Al Kharid, as well as at the Crafting Guild.


If you are a new player and you are wondering where to buy cowhides in Runescape 2007, you’re not alone. This guide will teach you how to buy cowhides in Runescape 2007 and the many places where you can get them. The first step is to collect cowhide. Cows drop cowhide when you kill them. Once you have enough, you can tan it for free or pay 3 coins to get hard leather. You can find banners in Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, and the Crafting Guild.

The second step is to turn the cowhide into leather. Cowhide is a type of leather that can be turned into soft leather for 1 coin, hard leather for three coins, or both for three coins. Cowhides can be turned into a variety of different pieces of equipment, such as tamed leather. For a steady income, you can tan up to 374 cowhides per hour.


One of the fastest ways to make money in Runescape is by selling cowhides. Cowhides can be looted from the grassy pastures of Lumbridge, north of the Ardougne market, and south of Falador. Getting them is easy and requires only a few mouse clicks and travel time. Alternatively, you can go to the Grand Exchange to sell them. Selling cowhides in Runescape 2007 is simple and involves looting cowhides, which is an option that many players don’t consider.

Once you’ve collected cowhides, you can tan them into leather. Hard leather can be sold for 123 gold, while soft leather can be sold for 125 gold. Cowhides can be sold to tanners in Al Kharid, the Ranging Guild, and Canifis. You can also use them to make different pieces of equipment. Here’s how to sell cowhides in Runescape 2007 YouTube

Making money

You’ve probably heard about tanner Ellis and his tannery, but what does he do with cowhides? Basically, he sells cowhide, the naturally unbleached skin and hair of a cow. This leather retains the original coloring and is commonly used in the food industry. To make cowhides into leather, you need 27 cowhides, 81 coins, and some farming skills. You can tan cowhides at tanner Ellis in Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, or the Crafting Guild.

In Runescape, you can sell cowhides for around 105 gold pieces. You can also sell chicken feathers, which are worth between 5-15 gold pieces, for 100-150 gold. Iron ore, on the other hand, can be sold for 100-150 GP, making it one of the cheapest and easiest ways to earn money in the game. Moreover, it is possible to sell cowhides to other players on the Grand Exchange for an extra 100 gold.

Dropping from cows

Cowhides are the natural unbleached skin and hair of the cow. They retain the original coloring of the animal and are commonly processed into leather. This hide is obtained by feeding cows and is then processed into various pieces of clothing and equipment. In Runescape 2007, cowhides can be used to tan leather. To tan cowhide, you need to loot 27 cowhides in Lumbridge’s cow field, and then spend gold with the tanner Ellis. If you have a high enough level, you can tan the leather yourself, but it will take more time than a few hours.

Cowhides can be found in the Lumbridge cow field, just north of Ardougne market. You can also find them in the Falador pastures, south of Falador. Those with the Falador Diary Hard tier can access a bank chest inside the Falador Crafting Guild. The chest can be unlocked by equipping a brown apron. Alternatively, you can tan cowhides and sell them on the Grand Exchange for a decent profit.

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