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How to Sell Cow Hide in the Old Republic

If you’ve been racking up gold in the old RS, you might have wondered how to sell cowhide in the game. There are actually two ways to do this. One is by simply making your inventory full, which costs around 95-120 gold. You can complete this process in two to three minutes, and it will give you a decent amount of gold. You’ll need between 50K and 100K gold to get started.

How to make a full inventory of cowhide

Buying cowhides is one of the easiest ways to level up in RS: The Old Republic. Purchasing them in bulk is a great way to level fast. While they’re not as cheap as tallow, they are far less expensive than the former. If you have a lot of cowhides, you can make an inventory of them and sell them when you need to.

Cowhides can be bought at the Grand Exchange for between 95 and 120 gold each, and are always dropped by cows. After you’ve gathered a full inventory, you’ll need to bank them in Lumbridge, a town located northwest of Varrock. Once you have a full inventory, you can tan them at the Al Kharid Tannery to make soft leather. This process costs 1 gold coin and raises their price by 4030 coins. It’s important to note that this process takes time, so you’ll want to invest a bit of money in this method before you start.

How to tan cowhide

If you’ve been wondering how to tan cowhide in Old RS, there are a few steps that you can take to make the process easy. To start the tannery process, you’ll need 27 cowhides, 81 coins, and a tannery. You can find one near the bank in Lumbridge, west of Canis.

First, you’ll need to get a cowhide from a dead animal. This item is only sold in the Grand Exchange when you’ve obtained at least 10 quest points and 100 total levels. In addition to being used to craft items, cowhide can also be tanned to sell to other players right away. It’s also a good way to earn gold while playing, as you can get up to 60K per hour by tanning cowhide.

You can tan cowhide by converting it into soft leather, which costs less than three coins, or by turning it into hard leather. Tanners can be found in Varrock, Al Kharid, Taverley, or Ranging Guild. If you’ve finished tanning cowhide, you can sell it at the Grand Exchange for a profit. Just make sure you price your work well.

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