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How to Rustic White Laminate Furniture

You can transform your white laminate furniture into rustic pieces of furniture by applying crackle paint using Elmer’s Glue. This article will show you how to crackle the paint and remove the old veneer on your furniture. Next, sand it down. Finally, apply a second coat of paint and you’ve completed the rustic white furniture look. Depending on how rough you want your laminate furniture to look, this step can take a day or two.

Crackle white laminate furniture with Elmer’s Glue

If you’re tired of the same old dull furniture color, it’s time to give your pieces a little oomph with some crackling paint. You can purchase crackle paint mediums from craft and home improvement stores, but these tend to be expensive and insufficient for large projects. A cheaper alternative is Elmer’s glue, which you can find during back-to-school sales. To achieve the crackling effect, the surface must be lightly sanded. A dry rag will help eliminate sanding dust.

Remove old veneer from furniture

If you’ve bought rustic white laminate furniture, you’re probably wondering how to remove the old veneer. This thin layer of high-quality wood covers the surface of the piece, so it looks like wood. However, the veneer can be easily removed. Follow these steps to restore the look of your furniture. First, wet the veneer with lukewarm water. Use a thick towel instead of shop rags. Make sure the towel is thoroughly wet and sit it on the veneer for a few minutes.

Sand furniture

If you’re tired of the same old bland, plastic-looking laminate furniture, you can make it look rustic by sanding it down. To sand laminate, you’ll need a pair of protective glasses and a set of 150-grit sandpaper. Sand the laminate in a circular motion to simulate the look of scuffed wood. Or, you can buy an electric sander and sand the wood yourself.

Apply a second coat of paint

Depending on the color of your laminate furniture, you can add a distressing step to the overall finish. You should start by painting a coat of primer on your furniture and allowing it to dry. Then, apply the second coat of paint. Then, use additional paint or faux finishing techniques to add a distressed look. Listed below are some tips for painting laminate furniture to achieve a distressed look.

Stain furniture

If you’re considering staining rustic white laminate furniture, you need to start by finding color inspiration for the surface. Ideally, the color should match the whitewashed look of the laminate. A whitewashed piece can have a yellowish-pink wooden stain. This color scheme will require yellowish-pink paint, as well as some brown and black paint. Then, sand it gently using 80-grit sandpaper.

Fill gaps with caulk

There are two primary methods for filling gaps in rustic white laminate furniture. The first is the simplest and is a good choice for smaller gaps. This type of caulk stretches to cover changes in gap size. It also can be applied with the most common tools. Because it’s waterproof, it doesn’t need to be of high quality. Additionally, you can use any color you like, and it’s not necessary to purchase a higher-quality caulk.

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