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How to Rustic Glam Decor

If you’re wondering how to add a touch of rustic glam to your home, read this article. There are many great ways to add gold and vintage touches to your space. The following ideas will help you find the perfect look for your home. These ideas aren’t limited to just furniture, either. They work equally well in any room of the house. Here are some other ideas for rustic glam decor.

Adding a touch of rustic glam to your home

Adding a touch of rustic glam to your home is easy when you combine earthy textures with sleek elements. Wood is an essential element of rustic decor, and you can use it in many ways, from large pieces of furniture to decorative elements. It also pairs well with metallic elements like silver, gold, and mercury glass. Adding a touch of shine is easy as well, and you can mix it with crystals and glass. A mix of wood and shine is the epitome of rustic glam.

When adding a touch of rustic glam to a room, you need to keep it simple yet stylish. An exposed brick wall adds a touch of rustic style, while a glamorous gold lighting fixture adds a hint of glam. Antique-looking rich blue velvet miniature lamp shades finish the look. For an elegant touch, add a tabletop candle frame topped with paper flowers.

Adding a touch of vintage

When it comes to adding a touch of vintage to your decor, the old is beautiful! An exposed brick wall can give a room a unique look, while a chandelier in glamorous gold will add a touch of glamor. Pair the lighting fixture with antique rich blue velvet miniature lamp shades to complete the look. Another way to incorporate vintage style into your home decor is to use a tabletop candle frame. Whether it’s in a living room or bedroom, the gold accents will add a sense of warmth and charm to the room.

To create a romantic atmosphere, choose colors like soft creams and coffee. You can also use shades of gray with delicate pinks to create a dreamy and romantic space. Soft velvet tufted seating, a shaggy rug on a hardwood floor, and sparkly pillows will add to the look. You can also add touches of glamour with metallic and mercury glass finishes. A stunning chandelier or mirror can add a dreamy quality to a room that features wood-paneled walls.

Adding a touch of gold

If you’re planning on creating a country-style tablescape, add a few touches of gold. Place gold birds or a candle with gold accents. You can also use a gold candlestick. You’ll find that gold accents can add a special touch to a tablescape without looking overdone. Gold bird candlesticks and accessories will add a rustic glam look to your tablescape.

Another great way to add a touch of gold to your rustic glam decor is to incorporate brass accessories. Gold candelabras, statement pendant lights, and rhinestone jewelry are a great way to incorporate some gold into your shabby chic style. Don’t overlook the soft furnishings. A headboard made of rustic wood looks fantastic with patterned cushions and curtains.

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