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How to Rustic Chic Decor

There are many ways to decorate your home with rustic chic décor. You can incorporate a variety of natural materials into your decor, including reclaimed wood, distressed furniture, and distressed accessories. If you’re unsure of which style to go for, read our tips for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Rustic chic decor incorporates broken and worn items into your decor, without creating a cluttered look. If you have never decorated your home this way, you can learn how to do it here!

Natural materials

There are several reasons to use natural materials in your rustic-chic decor. These materials are unprocessed and have been around for centuries, making them the perfect choice for this style. They also don’t have the plastic feel or smell, that many modern materials have. Natural materials work in many interior design styles, including bohemian, coastal, eclectic glam, and modern farmhouse. Listed below are some reasons to use natural materials in your rustic-chic decor.

Distressed furniture

Whether you’re painting a whole room or a small section, distressed furniture is a great way to give a space a unique, comfortable feel. Distressed furniture is an excellent way to create a worn, natural look without spending a lot of time sanding it. This technique makes a piece look aged and vintage while still being durable enough for kids to play on. Distressing a piece is easy to do, and can also give you the opportunity to learn a new skill.

Natural accents

Choosing a table with a natural wood finish lends a warm feel to your living room. A wooden coffee table can be homemade or repurposed from an old suitcase. The resulting vintage effect is ideal for rustic chic decor. A natural wood accent such as a succulent planter is also a great choice. If you don’t want to commit to a wooden table, you can also use wicker accents. These are similar to hardwood and can be hung on a wall to add a natural touch to your living space.

Neutral backdrop

If you’re looking for a rustic chic decor look, you’ll want to choose a neutral backdrop. This will allow you to incorporate patterns and color accents into your decor. Neutral colors are the easiest to work with and will complement many other decorating styles. Whether you prefer a rustic, traditional look or a more modern, industrial style, a neutral backdrop can fit in with any decor. The main rule is to choose quality materials and patterns.

Unique pieces

One-of-a-kind pieces add to the feel of the rustic chic decor. Find one-of-a-kind pieces at flea markets, thrift stores, or estate sales. Look for items that are uniquely distressed, weathered, or otherwise have a rustic appeal. Rustic chic is all about authenticity and embracing imperfection. While anyone can purchase brand-new items, these require unique vision and quality.

DIY projects

A DIY project to achieve a rustic chic look is simple. Grab a few twigs, a hot glue gun, and plastic picture frames. Then, let the kids add some creativity to the frame with paint, burlap, and a Sharpie. You can even give them a personalized message with a Sharpie! And don’t forget to add a twig to the bottom of the frame for an extra touch!

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