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How to Repaint Bedroom Furniture to Give a Coastal Look

You might be wondering how to repaint bedroom furniture to make it look more beachy. In this article, you’ll learn how to change the color scheme of bedroom furniture and add a carpet. Also, learn about mixing painted and wood furniture for a coastal look. Finally, learn about the benefits of MudPaint and other coastal-inspired paints. You’ll be amazed at how much your bedroom furniture can change.

Adding a carpet to a bedroom gives a coastal feel

Adding a carpet to a bedroom with a coastal theme can be a great way to make it more interesting. Blue is a popular color for coastal themes, and you can find a wide variety of carpets in this hue. However, you should be careful when choosing this color, because it can easily overpower other colors in the room. To avoid this, use accents that are lighter in tone.

Choosing a rug with a single color will give you more flexibility in selecting additional accessories. Choose a muted tone if you are decorating a bedroom with more traditional furniture. Adding too many colors can make it hard to find accessories to match. If you choose a rug with too many colors, you may find it difficult to pick accessories that match. Adding natural light will give the room a warm, welcoming feel.

Mixing wood and painted furniture to give a beachy look

Painting dark furniture white or a neutral color can make the room feel more seaside. Dark furniture tends to be more distressed, but lighter pieces will counteract the feel. If your bedroom is small, choose small pieces that are complimentary to the rest of the room. Use bright art or accessories to break up the monotony of dark furniture. You can also add plants to balance the mood of the room.

If you have inherited bedroom furniture, you can mix it with painted pieces. If you’re going with painted pieces, make sure they match the rest of the room. Matching bedroom sets are a thing of the past, so consider mixing and matching wood and painted furniture. To update painted pieces, consider changing hardware or adding modern legs. Or, consider a different shade of paint on the wood pieces.

Using MudPaint to give a coastal look

Using MudPaint to make your bedroom furniture look more seaside is an easy DIY project that will make your furniture stand out in any bedroom. MudPaint is an eco-friendly water-based acrylic paint that is suitable for most wood surfaces. It is also non-toxic, is made of earth-friendly materials, and requires minimal prep work. Apply the paint using a brush to the wood grain. Light sanding is also recommended. We recommend RAD Pads with 8 different sanding surfaces.

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