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How to Refinish Wood Furniture Rustic

If you are wondering how to refinish wood furniture rustic, you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to rejuvenate your wooden furniture, without having to strip it of its finish. Here are some of them:

Dry distressing

If you’re looking to create a farmhouse, cottage, or rustic look for your home, try applying a dry distressing wood finish. This style is ideal for vintage finds from the flea market or pieces passed down from grandma. You can add this rustic style to almost any piece of furniture, including old wrought iron, dining room tables, and bed frames. To learn how to distress wood, follow these tips and techniques.

Applying a second coat of paint

Before you start painting your furniture, you must first distress it first. You can use steel wool or sandpaper to remove the old paint and reveal the wood’s natural color. You can also add more damage with sandpaper. If the piece only has one color, begin with the edges and slowly add more damage. To avoid paint dust, wipe the piece with a tack cloth.

Using a wooden block

Refinishing wood furniture with a wooden block is an easy way to add a rustic feel to your furniture. Simply dip a wooden block into the paint, then scrape it along the grain. You can also use more than one color, or even several layers, to achieve the look you want. This method is great for pieces made of wood with a lot of texture, like reclaimed boat wood.

Using a hand sander

If you’re looking to give wood furniture a distressed look, use a hand sander. The uneven texture adds to the distressed look. Attach 100-grit sandpaper to the sander, and then run it across the wood until it produces a rough, uneven texture. This step can be repeated as many times as you need to achieve the desired result.

Using a chemical stripper

If you have painted furniture, refinishing it can be a hassle, especially if the piece has intricate carvings. To make the process easier, try using a chemical stripper. This chemical contains methylene chloride, which is highly dangerous. However, if the piece has been damaged by a previous finish, using this chemical will allow you to restore the natural wood.

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