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How to Refinish Furniture to Achieve a Rustic Chic Look

Whether you are looking for a new look for your furniture or just want to update your current decor, you can refinish furniture to achieve a rustic chic look. There are several steps to take when refinishing furniture in this style. In this article, I’ll go over how to choose a color, Distress the piece, and Wax it to protect the wood. Before you start, you may want to choose the finish you want for your furniture.


If you want a more rustic look for your home, try distressing your furniture. You can distress your furniture using sandpaper, paint, or a paper towel. Wet distressing lets you see the wood underneath the paint and highlights intricately carved details. Use two coats of paint for the best results. Allow the second coat to dry completely before applying the third. Next, choose which look you want your distressed piece to have.

Chalk paint

Before you begin refinishing your wooden pieces, you’ll want to clean them to remove dust and dirt. If necessary, make repairs if needed. Some people like to lightly sand the pieces to give the paint a better grip. Others skip this step entirely and paint right away. Whatever you do, you’ll soon be amazed at how easy and fast it can be. Follow these tips to make the entire process go as smoothly as possible.


If you’re a sucker for vintage-style furniture, you may want to learn more about waxing it. This process is a great way to protect painted furniture while adding a natural touch. There are many types of waxes on the market, and most require the use of a clean cloth to apply. But for the most authentic Shabby-Chic look, a small amount of local, 100% pure beeswax is your best bet. Beeswax is easy to apply and a small amount goes a long way.

Choosing a color

Choosing a color to refinish your furniture is an important aspect of the rustic chic look. This style of furniture uses soft, muted colors and avoids high-gloss paint. Colors should reflect your personality and complement the furniture’s style. Once you’ve selected the color, you should choose paint colors for the walls and trim. You can use chalk paint or tintable paints to achieve the look you want.

Choosing a finish

When decorating with a rustic chic style, you’ll want to keep the furniture’s finish distressed. This adds a unique touch to the look. It’s best to choose a wood stain that complements bold prints and patterns. Alternatively, a shabby chic look may be achieved with paint. Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish is a popular finish for wooden furniture. Make sure to use a well-ventilated room when applying the finish. Older furniture may have been varnished previously, so abrading it will help remove any contamination. Sandpaper is an excellent key for removing varnish.

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