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How to Refinish Furniture Rustically

If you’ve been dreaming of refinishing your old pieces, you’ll definitely want to know how to do it yourself. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting the look you’ve always wanted. Distressing is one of the key elements of rustic or vintage design, and it’s easy to achieve using Chalk paint or Elmer’s glue. You can even apply some dry brushing or other techniques to give the pieces a more authentic look.

Distressing is a feature of rustic or vintage design

The style of distressed furniture has become increasingly popular with the revival of Shabby chic. The process of distressing makes an object look worn and aged, simulating the effects of usage over time. Decorative experts often distress even brand-new wood in order to replicate a vintage look. In the process, the piece looks worn and distressed and can be used to add character to a room. The distressed look is a hallmark of rustic or vintage design.

Chalk paint can be used to create the appearance of age

Before applying the chalk paint, you should clean the furniture to remove any residue or glue. You may also have to sand down the surface of the furniture to remove any stubborn gunk. While you do not need to sand the entire piece, it will give the paint a better grip if you lightly sand it first. Chalk paint can also cover clear coats, so you don’t have to worry about imperfections in the finish.

Elmer’s glue

If you’re in the market for a new paint job but aren’t willing to spend a lot of money, you can try Elmer’s glue to refinish your furniture rustically. The glue comes in handy for sealing cracked edges and cracks, and it can also be used to create a classic distressed look. During back-to-school sales, you can often find a great sale on Elmer’s glue, which will help you save money.

Dry brushing

Dry brushing is a method of distressing finishing that provides a worn-looking, textured appearance to furniture. The process is particularly popular for adding a country or farmhouse style. For a truly rustic effect, use an uneven finish over a base coat before applying the second coat. In some cases, you can skip the base coat altogether, giving the piece a multi-colored finish. Here are some tips to get the most out of this technique.

Using a wooden block

There are many ways to refinish wood furniture, but one of the most simple is using a wooden block. By using this tool, you can apply several coats of paint, varying the color and texture, until the finished product resembles worn, aged wood. You can use a chisel or hammer to create small cracks or light depressions in the wood.

Using steel wool

Using steel wool is a great way to refinish wood furniture. It has the unique ability to polish the wood by scraping it off with its fine fibers. This process produces a hand-rubbed finish, which is most common on higher-end pieces. But steel wool has its downsides. It can scratch the wood and leave a metal residue. Also, it may leave stains, especially on white oak.

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