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How to Put Together Rustic Decor

If you are wondering how to put together rustic decor, you have come to the right place. Embrace the abstract and organic imperfections of your home’s decor. Learn to layer in other styles, use woven textiles, and incorporate a clock kit. Once you learn how to do this, you will have no trouble bringing your new look to life. Listed below are some of the most common ways to add rustic decor to your home.

Embrace organic and abstract imperfections

If you love the look of rustic decor, you may want to add comforting textiles to your decor. Comfortable fabrics such as chunky knits and chunky blankets will create a cozy atmosphere. You can also add a faux fur throw for extra luxury. For the floor, woven rugs add a splash of color. Rugs also add warmth during colder months. For more tips on decorating with rustic decor, read on.

Layering in other styles

To create a sophisticated, layered look for your rustic home, consider layering in other styles. Although this type of décor is generally not as ornate as country-style furniture, it can add a modern touch to a space. Consider layering materials with clean lines and avoiding clutter. Rustic decor can look fantastic with modern furnishings, such as white or wood floors. Consider adding a few decorative accent pieces to mix and match with a rustic-style design.

Adding woven textiles

Rustic interior design is all about natural, rustic fabrics. You can use them on the furniture, as table covers, as decorative throw pillows, or even as the actual furniture itself. A nice idea is to use mismatched furniture in a room with a rustic style to emphasize the natural materials and textures. You can also buy a handmade furniture item to add woven textiles to your room. And don’t forget about the rugs. Wood floors look great with rugs, and you can also use them to add warmth to your room during the cold season.

Adding a clock kit

When creating rustic decor, adding a clock kit to a table or mantel can add the finishing touches. A clock is a timeless item, so why not try a no-sew version? The basic DIY project involves sticking patterned fabric pieces inside embroidery hoops. Then, attach the clock kit using an X-shaped cardboard strip. Once the clock is attached, the digits of the homemade clock are centered within plastic frames and are set against a pastel blue fabric sheet. Next, vinyl numbers are added to the digits. The digits are a mix of roman numerals and graphics.

Buying used furniture

Whether you are looking for inexpensive or vintage pieces for your home’s rustic decor, there are several places where you can find affordable, secondhand furniture for your home. These places range from local thrift shops and garage sales to online resale sites. Although you’ll need to physically inspect the furniture, these places can be great places to find good deals. Another great place to find furniture is a used furniture auction.

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