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How to Properly Hide a Cow Lick

You may be wondering how to cover up a cow lick, and that is understandable. Here are some hairstyles that hide the blemish:

Hairstyles to hide a cow lick

If you don’t like your cowlick, there are a few hairstyles to cover it up. A fringe, a crop top, or a spiked-up hairstyle will cover the cowlick on the crown. Medium-length hair is universally flattering, and will also pull the strands down. If you want to hide the cowlick completely, however, go for a pixie cut, which will cover the dreaded drool.

A cowlick is a common male feature. It’s most obvious on the crown of the head, but it can also occur on the fringe or hairline. Cowlicks are equally prevalent in men and women, although women tend to cover them better under long hair. According to scientists, a cowlick spiral is linked to a person’s dominant hand, so there’s really no way to avoid having one.

Identifying a cow lick

The spiral pattern in your hair is an easy way to identify a cow lick. Cows lick their young constantly. It’s actually a common behavior for them, and the spiral pattern has been around since the late 16th century. The pattern forms because of the hair follicles’ lack of boundaries, which means that the hair will grow sideways, forward, or backward. This will cause your hair to appear cow-licked.

Using a hair dryer to hide a cow lick

Hide a cow lick with your hair dryer. If you’re prone to cowlicks, you can get rid of them with a hair dryer. Blow-drying your hair while it’s still wet helps the cowlick disappear. A good hairbrush is another must-have tool to use for cowlick hiding. You can also grow your hair out to hide your cowlick – longer hair pulls the cowlick with it.

To hide a cow lick with a hair dryer, you’ll need to find a hairstyle that will resemble the one you’re trying to hide. You can try wearing a fringe, a crop top hairstyle, or a spiked-up hairstyle. Medium-length hair is a universally flattering option for cowlick-hiding hairstyles, and it will also hide the cow lick better.

Using a comb to hide a cow lick

In the late 16th century, Richard Haydock coined the term cowlick to describe the swirling pattern on a cow’s fur. In the modern era, cowlicks are also known as swords or hair whorls. In some people, however, the cowlick can be hidden by certain hair textures and lengths. Listed below are some easy ways to conceal a cow lick.

Cowlicks are not entirely unavoidable. While there are some ways to minimize or eliminate them, you can’t completely get rid of them. To reduce the appearance of a cowlick, you can use styling products, use a hair dryer, and even grow your hair longer. Also, try to find a hairstyle that flatters your face shape and hair color. If nothing else, use a comb to smooth out your tresses.

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