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How to Paint White Furniture – Apply a Distressed Rustic Gray Wood Finish

If you are unsure how to paint your white furniture, read this article to learn how to apply a distressed finish. This type of paint is also known as a Gel stain and is applied over the top of a base coat of clear wax. This is a great way to give your white furniture a rustic, gray look. To apply a distressed finish to your wood furniture, follow these steps:


If you are tired of your white furniture, consider distressing it. This technique is the opposite of traditional finishing. Rather than covering an object with a clear coat, distressing will take away the finish by removing a layer of paint. You can achieve this look with sandpaper, paint strippers, or other methods. The more sanding you do, the more worn your piece will look. The more sanding you do, the more subtle the patina will be.

Gel stain

If you have white furniture, you can create a distressed and rustic look by using a gel stain over the original finish. The gel stain can be applied over any white paint, or even over a primer coat that has dried completely. Gel stain also simulates a sanded appearance and is easy to apply. Listed below are some tips for applying a gel stain over white paint:

Base coat

Whether you’re painting white furniture or something else, the base coat is the first step in the process. Depending on the type of finish you’re applying, you may want to apply a light, medium, or dark brown base coat. For best results, you should apply two or more coats of the base color before applying the topcoat. Once you’ve finished applying the base coat, you can add a clear coat.

Glaze coat

Before applying a glaze coat to your white furniture, you should carefully remove the existing finish. To do this, you can either use a brush or a roller cover with a quarter-inch nap. When applying a faux wood glaze, make sure to cover the entire surface. For a more realistic look, you can use a wood grain rocker. This tool rocks from top to bottom through the wet glaze to create a wood grain texture.


If you’ve ever painted your white furniture and are worried about fading, you’re not alone. Several brands have introduced new products to protect your furniture from the weather and wear. While most of these products are non-yellowing, some can still yellow the furniture if applied too thickly. To prevent yellowing, you can mix white paint with your sealer. A white paint content of 10-15% should be added to a blend of 85-90% sealer. For durability, you’ll want to opt for a 100% white sealer.

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