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How to Paint Seashells and Accessorize Nautical Decor

If you’re thinking about adding some color to your nautical decor, you can use spray paint to give your shells a unique and colorful look. You can paint the entire shell one solid color or paint only the edges. There are also many different ways to paint seashells so you can easily customize them to your personal taste. Read on to discover some of the most popular ways to customize seashell decor. Once you’ve painted your shells, you can embellish them with glitter and gemstones.

Adding glitter and gemstones to seashells

To add a nautical flair to your home, add shimmer to seashells and other pieces of decor. To achieve a glitter-like effect, boil water and add 4 tablespoons of crystals. After the crystals have cooled down, mix in a drop of blue food coloring. Once the crystals have dried, glue them to the seashells with a hot glue gun or colored electrical tape. String it together to hang it on a wall or in a vase.

Creating a beach small world

Creating a beach small world is a great way to connect with your child’s love of the ocean. Shells and water add sensory experiences to the game, which your child will love. You can also use this activity to teach your child about dinosaurs or lava slime. Just make sure to prepare plenty of sunscreens! This activity is perfect for toddlers and older children. The possibilities are endless.

Creating a wall art vignette

Coastal wall decor is the ultimate in casual living and is often created by using photographs, replicas of sailboats, and other items that are nautical in nature. You can also add air-purifying plants in blue and white containers in your entryway. A vignette is a way to incorporate the beauty of nature and your unique personality into one cohesive space. A vignette can also be an excellent way to display a family heirloom or treasured piece of artwork.

Creating a pendant

Creating a seashell pendant is a simple way to accessorize your nautical decor. Start by gathering some shells and arranging them on a string. Next, use E6000 to attach jewelry findings. Add a jewelry clasp and embellishments like rhinestones or gems. Paint or fabric flowers can also be used to adorn the pendant. To add more charm to the piece, consider adding a little lace or paint.

Creating a soap dish

A DIY seashell soap dish is an elegant way to keep your soap in place, while also adding some unique style to your bathroom decor. You can create your own unique seashell soap dish using seashells from the beach, sand, or even a small piece of wood. This project is not difficult and only requires about an hour of your time, and costs less than $2. You will need some seashells, resin, and toothpicks.

Creating a keychain

Whether you enjoy spending time at the beach or just love the look of nautical decor, you can create a keychain for yourself with seashells. Seashell keychains are great for purses and pocketbooks because they look great in any decor style. Creating your own seashell keychain will be a fun and easy project, and it’s also a perfect way to add a little glimmer to your purse or clutch.

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