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How to Paint Old Furniture to Look Rustic

If you have old furniture that you would like to give a more rustic look, you can follow these steps to transform it. First, remove the drawers. After that, apply the stain using a paintbrush. When the stain has dried, wipe off the excess with a clean rag. Remember to leave the stain in crevices and cracks. Raised areas should also retain a slight tint of stain.

Distressing with chalk paint

Chalk paint is a great way to give the furniture a vintage look, and it works on almost any surface. Because it dries quickly, it does not require much prep work. During the process, you may want to sand down any loose paint and remove any stickers or loose nails. However, if you want your finished piece to look like it has seen better days, you can skip the sanding step and just paint.

There are several ways to distress furniture. First, wet distressing is an easy technique. Use a rag dampened with water and rub back the chalk paint. The water will soften the chalk paint, allowing you to remove it more easily. As you rub back the chalk paint, the original wood finish will show through and the underlining paint colors will be exposed. To further distress the piece, run the damp rag along the edges of the furniture.

Using sanding sponges

Before painting old furniture, prepare it by washing it and removing any hardware. Then, use a sanding sponge to lightly sand the surface. Avoid using steel wool because it may damage the paint. Next, apply paint to the piece using a putty knife to achieve an authentic look. Finally, finish the piece by applying a top coat of polyacrylic.

If you choose to use a sanding sponge, you can achieve a more distressed finish than using a sanding block. It is also more controllable since it is made of a sponge. The grit of the sandpaper should be around 180. If you use coarse grit sandpaper, it won’t look rustic. The sanding sponge is a great alternative to a sanding block.

Using beeswax distressing bar

When painting old furniture to create a rustic look, you can use a beeswax distressing bar. This natural product is perfect for distressing projects. It will create lines, edges, and other signs of wear, allowing you to get a perfect distressed look. While you may not have to buy a beeswax distressing bar, you can still use one on your projects if you wish.

Before you start applying the beeswax, you should carefully consider which parts of your furniture will receive more wear and tear than others. Be sure to apply it to corners, edges, and raised detailing. After you’ve applied the beeswax, you can apply the second coat of paint. It will be easier to remove any excess paint once it has dried.

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