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How to Paint Distressed Coastal Color Furniture

If you love the feel of coastal-style beach decor, then you should learn how to paint distressed coastal color furniture. This easy technique can transform a boring tabletop into a gorgeous piece that’s ready to go on the beach. In addition to the paint color, you should also consider the natural elements of the furniture and try to blend vintage and beach decor. For instance, you can paint a glass-front sideboard in a distressed salmon or a tropical-lagoon teal and add white paper globe lamps strung over it.

Simple technique

You can give your furniture an updated look by applying a distressed finish using a simple technique. You can paint large pieces to add an eye-catching accent to your living room or bedroom. If you’re not sure about painting furniture, start with smaller pieces first. Whether you’d like a new look for a seasonal piece, a beach house, or a rustic kitchen table, distressed color furniture can transform any piece into a focal point.

Start by cleaning the surface with a lint-free cloth. Next, apply a layer of chalk paint. Once dry, wipe the surface with a rag. Repeat this process for each layer of paint. Once the entire piece is finished, apply a layer of furniture wax to add more character. You can buy this at a hardware store. The wax will take up to 30 days to dry, so wait a week before using it on your furniture.

Coastal-inspired colors

Painting furniture with a distressed finish is a great way to give it a casual elegance. Here’s an example: a painted white heart-pine dining table with mismatched chairs. This style is popular in beach cottage homes. Paint colors with coastal accents can mimic the look of sea waves and craquelure. You can also add paint freckles to simulate dark gray or light gray stripes. Here are some tips for painting coastal furniture.

Before choosing a coastal color paint, make sure you have a good idea of the furniture you want to incorporate. Dark furniture can be difficult to balance with bright colors, and plants can clog up a bedroom. Instead, choose bright bedding inspired by sea and sun colors. Choose light colors in patterns. Then add accent pieces, like a mirror or a piece of art. A coastal style can add warmth and atmosphere to your room.

Natural earthen materials

There are two ways to paint distressed coastal color furniture, the first being to use natural earthen materials. You can either use a natural color paint, or you can buy a distressed coastal paint that comes in a range of colors. You will want to choose a color that blends well with the rest of the room. If you’re going for a rustic look, choose a light brown or cream-colored paint.

Mixing vintage with beach decor

When combining vintage and beach decor, stripes are a natural choice. This style is both fun and timeless. Stripes can come in any color, width, or size. They will never date and will add a unique flair to your room. Slipcovers are a great option because they are easy to clean and take up little space. Stripes can also be painted on a white wall and look great no matter how uneven the color is.

A vibrant ocean painting is the focal point of the dining room and is repeated throughout the room in the form of dishware and flower arrangements. A bold art piece, such as a framed nautical map, completes the look. Vintage-inspired beach decor can be found in magazines such as New England Home. You can even find pieces in thrift stores and antique markets for a low cost. While vintage and beach decor are not typically the same style, they can complement one another.

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