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How to Paint Chair Upholstery Fabric to Look Like Cowhide Leather

If you are looking to change the upholstery fabric of your chair, you can do so using cow hide-colored paint. Natural cowhide leather has the look of cow skin. This type of leather has a grain that has been corrected. You can choose between faux and natural cowhide leather to match the color of your furniture. Learn more about the color of natural cowhide leather in this article.

Natural cowhide leather

You can paint your chair upholstery fabric to look like real cowhide leather. The key to making faux leather look good is to use an aniline dye that will penetrate the leather and give it a unique color. An aniline dye will not coat the leather’s surface with pigment, so you can see the natural grain underneath the color. The dye used for upholstery leather is usually penetrating and dries clear.

Corrected-grain leather

When choosing leather for chair upholstery, the first thing you should know is that there are several types of leather available. Corrected-grain leather is the least expensive. It is made from lower-quality raw hides and requires more processing than other types of leather. Instead of preserving the natural grain pattern, it is covered with multiple layers of protective finish and pigment. This results in uni-colored leather that lacks the softness and breathability of full-grain leather.

Natural cowhide vs. faux cowhide leather

Considering cowhide for your chair upholstery? There are a lot of reasons to choose this material over faux leather. One of the most significant benefits is durability. Real cowhide lasts longer than faux leather. This material is also hypoallergenic and requires minimal maintenance. In terms of cost, natural cowhide is more expensive than faux leather. But it may be the best choice for you if you’re on a budget or have other lifestyle considerations. However, if you want to use cowhide as your upholstery material, you should consider the pros and cons of each.

Colors of natural cowhide leather

Colors of natural cowhide leather used in chair upholstery fabric come in a variety of shades. There are several common color choices, but a more adventurous buyer should consider experimenting with different leathers. Buckskin Leather stocks 40 popular standard reorder colors. Each dye lot is tracked to ensure consistency, and the company also offers trim colors and half hides. To choose the right leather for your chair, you can order a complete leather sample book. This book is free for commercial users and credits your first order. For those who aren’t working with chair upholstery fabric, a single swatch sample can be ordered.

Ways to reupholster a chair

Changing the appearance of your chair’s upholstery fabric is a great way to add a new style to the room. However, cowhide upholstery is not practical because of its weight and shape. You can’t paint the whole chair’s upholstery fabric to match your new decor. To save time, you can paint just the seat cushion. The seat cushion has to turn vertically to meet the side arm, so you can’t paint it completely. If you are painting the fabric, however, you can do it with a paintbrush. Be sure to apply a thin layer of paint to the fabric, so that the rest won’t stick. As the fabric dries, it will look better.

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