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How To Paint a Dresser to Look Like Distressed Beach Furniture

If you want to have your dresser look like distressed beach furniture, you can do so with a few simple steps. First, you’ll need primer. Primer is a very thin paint that you need to apply to a surface. After the primer has fully dried, you’ll need to apply 2 thin coats of paint. Wait 24 hours before you start applying paint. To prevent bleed-through, you should repeat the primer and paint process until you’re satisfied with the result.


You can use a couple of different techniques to transform your dresser to look like distressed beach furniture. Dry brushing is the best method, as you need only the slightest amount of paint to achieve the effect. You must use restraint when dry brushing, and try to apply the paint in two or three thin layers. It is also important to dry the paint in a temperature range of between 10degC and 30degC. The paint may dry too quickly or too slowly if it is too hot or too cold.


If you’d like to give your dresser an authentic rustic finish, muddling it with mud paint can help. It’s a durable paint that can be applied over the furniture with a brush or a sprayer. Mud paints can be applied over the original finish, but the best results are obtained by sanding down the furniture after it has dried.

Sanding sponges

If you want to transform your dresser into a rustic-looking piece of beach furniture, the first step is to sand the surface of the piece. Sanding will remove shiny or cracked surfaces and also smooth out damaged areas. To wipe off any dust left behind, use a damp cloth or lint-free cloth. An old cotton t-shirt works well as a lint-free cloth.

Sanding block

If you’re considering painting your dresser to look like beach furniture, you’ll need to sand it. Dressers are typically made of plywood and have a flat surface. You won’t need to worry about the thickness of the veneer, but you will need to be careful with the sandpaper you use because stains may bleed through the paint. Luckily, sandpaper comes in a variety of sizes so that you can choose one that suits your furniture.

Painting a desk

You can make any piece look beachy by painting it with a distressed finish. To get the look of a vintage piece, you will need a base coat of paint and the desired color. Then, you can add the details to it with chalk paint or furniture wax. This technique will add character and will require at least 30 days of drying. After completing the project, wipe it clean with a tack cloth.

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