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How to Paint a Dresser to Look Like Destrest Beach Furniture

If you’ve ever thought of painting your dresser to resemble coastal-style beach furniture, then this article will provide the instructions you need to create your own look. Whether you choose Milk paint, Chalk paint, or MudPaint, this project is sure to bring new life to an old piece of furniture. In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to paint a dresser to look like destress beach furniture.

Chalk paint

If you’ve been longing for an old, grayed dresser, consider painting it yourself. You can paint the dresser white or in a light gray color, or you can opt for a dark gray glaze. However, you should remember that chalk paints have a tendency to chip and are better suited to decorative accents and indoor furniture. For this reason, you should seal them before applying them.

First, select a paint color. It can be a gray or brown color, but it’s important to remember that chalk paints come in many shades. If you want a specific color, bring in a swatch from a different paint company or have the store match it for you. You can also choose from different sheens, such as flat, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. The latter type of paint does not require a top coat.

Milk paint

To give your dresser a distressed finish, use milk paint. General Finishes makes a powder that can be used for painting wood surfaces. If you want to use milk paint on metal surfaces, you will need to use a metal primer and allow the paint to dry for 48 to 72 hours before applying a second coat. If you’re painting a high-traffic surface, you’ll also need to seal the paint. This step isn’t difficult and shouldn’t take long.

If you’d like to make a dresser look like a Destrest beach piece, you’ll need to apply two or three coats of milk paint. Milk paint dries quickly, and it creates a chippy finish. It is suitable for furniture, but you should be aware that it’s not ideal for perfectionists. The paint may chip randomly, or you can even create a chippy finish if you layer it a few times.

Acrylic paint

There are two ways to paint a dresser to look like the Destress Beach Furniture. You can use chalk paint or acrylic paint, but you must prepare the surface first. Once the chalk paint has dried, apply a sealant to prevent the paint from chipping or peeling. You should also apply a primer. If your dresser is made of wood, you may use gesso or Kilz as a primer. You can also apply oil-based primer over acrylic paint.

If you’d like to make your dresser more durable, use acrylic paint. It’s more durable than chalk paint and can withstand heavy use. But make sure you use the correct type of paint for your furniture. There are two types of paint: waterborne alkyd and urethane acrylic enamel. These are great for high-traffic pieces, like doors, trim, and cabinets. A high-gloss finish also accentuates imperfections.


Creating a beach-style bedroom requires a little creativity and a bit of mud paint. This type of paint is usually water-based and adheres well to wood surfaces, creating a unique matte finish. The paint is environmentally friendly, and it doesn’t usually need priming before painting. It also offers great coverage on wooden surfaces and is significantly less expensive than traditional furniture paints.

Using MudPaint to create a coastal look is a great DIY project. It can be used on almost any piece of furniture, including wood. Unlike Boho furniture, coastal furniture is less vibrant and more worn down. Applying MudPaint to furniture requires a little bit of preparation, but the results will be worth it!

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