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How to Paint a Dresser and Match Furniture to a Rustic Gray Crib

If you’ve chosen a rustic gray crib, the next step is finding the right dresser and matching the rest of your nursery’s furniture. You’ll find some tips in this article on how to choose the perfect set and paint it to fit the crib’s color scheme. Keep reading to find out how to paint a dresser and choose furniture to match your baby’s room! Now, get to work and enjoy decorating your new baby’s room!

Painting a dresser

If you want to create an eye-catching drama in a nursery, you can paint the dresser to match the crib’s bedding. The trick is to use a common color scheme throughout the nursery. Otherwise, your baby’s nursery may end up looking too cluttered and busy. You’ll want the room to feel cozy but not claustrophobic, so stick to a color scheme that is complementary to the nursery’s style and theme.

To paint the furniture in rustic gray, you can choose from several paint colors. You can also choose chalk-based paint, which is safe for wood. You can also choose to paint plastic, brick, stone, plaster, or metal. Chalk-based paint has no harmful odors, and is non-toxic, making it an ideal choice for a nursery. The paint can be mixed with water, which makes it safe for babies.

Finding a crib

If you are looking for a crib in rustic gray, there are a few things to consider. The finish on this type of crib is rustic but still feels smooth to the touch. It is sturdy and appears well-made. Look for a hook system that raises and lowers the bed frame. If there is no hook system, you’ll have to unscrew the bed frame to raise and lower the mattress. Some cribs do not have a front that goes up and down, which will be a problem for you if you’re short.

When choosing a crib for your new baby, consider the size and style. Smaller cribs are typically smaller and will have a smaller mattress. If you have limited space, you can opt for a rectangular crib. Look for a crib that has non-toxic finishes. There are many choices, including light and dark wood, and even metal and traditional styles. These cribs are available in gender-neutral nurseries and can be complemented by lighting and wall art.

Choosing a dresser

If you’re decorating a new nursery, you’ve probably wondered about the right type of dresser for your rustic gray crib. The perfect fit for this color is a double dresser. It comes with six drawers and features dovetail construction and smooth steel guides. It comes fully assembled and has plenty of room for all of your baby’s essentials. Whether you’re planning to use the dresser in the nursery for storage or to display it as a decorative item, this dresser is a beautiful match.

When choosing a dresser for a rustic gray baby’s room, you should consider what color will complement the crib’s walls. While a white dresser will be a great choice for a nursery, a neutral tone will also work for an older child’s room. If the parents have plans to keep the dresser for a child into their teenage years, they should consider buying a dresser in a neutral color that they can keep for years to come.

Choosing a crib

When looking for a rustic gray crib, look for a sturdy, well-made frame that has a rough, weathered appearance. While the finish may not look as polished as a polished metal crib, it is smooth to the touch and appears well-made. If you’re looking for an easy way to adjust your baby’s mattress and bed frame, look for a crib with hook systems that raise and lower the bed frame and mattress. While cribs that feature four screws must be unscrewed, they are sturdy and easy to adjust. Make sure to choose a crib that has slats that are less than two inches apart.

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