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How to Mount Cow Hide Art on Your Wall

If you want to hang a piece of cowhide artwork on your wall, you can read this article to get started. In this article, I will discuss how to clean the hide, install a glassed wood frame, and staple the cowhide to the wall. I will also explain how to hang it properly. I hope you find this article to be useful! Hopefully, it will make mounting cowhide art easy.

Install a glassed wooden frame

Before hanging a cowhide rug, you should install a glassed wooden frame. Then, lay the cowhide skin flat against the glass part of the frame. Secure the cowhide with double-sided tape. Make sure to remove any staples before closing the frame. Then, you can hang the cowhide on the wall! Listed below are steps to successfully hang a cowhide rug on a wooden frame.

Staple the skin to the wall

To hang the cowhide skin, start by lining up the outermost corners of the hide flat against the wall. If you don’t have a smooth wall, use a power drill and powerful impact adhesive to put the skin on the wall. Once the skin is flat against the wall, you can begin nailing it. The outermost points should be nailed first so that they don’t curl into the wall.

Clean the skin

The first step in cleaning the cowhide before mounting it is to soak it in water. A solution of water and bleach is fine, but make sure it is non-metallic. Soak the cowhide in the mixture for at least 24 hours, and rinse thoroughly. After soaking, scrub the hide to remove any flesh, fat, or sinewy bits. You may also wish to use salt or dry cleaning fluid to remove stubborn stains.

Hang it on the wall

First, measure the size of the wall and the size of the cowhide on which you wish to hang the hide. Make sure the hide is not too large or too small, and nail it at the center point and at the outermost edges. Then, make sure to evenly space the edges and nail them firmly to the wall. Once the nails are in place, make sure the cowhide is flat against the wall.

Care for it

Before you start caring for your cowhide, you should know what it is made of and how to clean it properly. Oftentimes, people will not notice a spill on their cowhide rug, and that is perfectly okay. Generally, a mild soap mixed with water can be used to clean the hide. The leather should be blotted dry after cleaning it, and a soft rag or brush can be used to remove any excess moisture.

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