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How to Mix Rustic With Antique Furniture

You may be wondering how to mix rustic and antique furniture, and this article will show you how to do just that! Read on to learn more about Texture, Color palette, Lighting, and Repurposed antiques. This article is a great introduction to this style, and should help you create a look that is both charming and functional! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Repurposed antiques

Incorporating modern and rustic styles into your home decor can add an immense visual appeal. Contrasting elements create a harmony that is not only visually appealing but also functional. This article explores how to mix antiques and modern styles into your home. Hannah Hutchinson is an interior designer from London and writes for Westland London. Read on to learn more about the best way to mix rustic and antique furniture.


It is not that difficult to create a stunning room by mixing vintage and modern furniture. You don’t have to replicate every detail of antique furniture – just use the same colors and style elements. One example would be the colors of a hero painting. The blue tones will be repeated in the furniture and accessories. In another example, you could use the wood tone of a side table to match the legs of dining room chairs and the coffee table tray.

Color palette

Choosing a color scheme for your antique and rustic furniture is an important part of achieving the look you’re going for. The rustic style is often described as earthy and swings heavily towards neutrals, but there is room for some color variety, too. Here are 20 ideas for a rustic color scheme:


Decorative rugs are a wonderful complement to your antique furniture. They add color to bare floors and add comfort and style. You can also upgrade your bedroom to reflect your personal style. If you’d like to add contemporary accents to the room, you can add modern bedroom furniture. Here are some tips on how to decorate with rustic furniture. Make sure you include a pair of lamps on end tables to provide ample lighting.

Vintage pieces

Using natural materials to create a layered look is one of the easiest ways to combine antique and rustic decor. You can buy faux plants or natural-themed decor items from online stores such as Inhabitr, but you can also find authentic vintage pieces of furniture. Old antique furniture will play nicely with curated textures, so you can reupholster it with modern fabrics. You can also create a mix-and-match effect by using pieces from the same era, such as a vintage sofa.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood can fit in just about any setting. Its rustic beauty resembles that of an old factory or the finds of an urban flea market. Even casual spaces benefit from the warmth and durability of reclaimed wood furnishings. Whether your furniture is an heirloom piece or more modern, it can take a beating and still look elegant and timeless. However, it is best to know how to mix reclaimed wood with antique furniture in order to ensure a seamless blend.

Shabby chic

If you love the look of a vintage shop, try combining your new finds with shabby chic accessories. This style incorporates wicker furniture, pastel colors, and glittered accents. You can also find some great interior decorating pieces at a furniture store, though you may have to spend a lot of money on them. The risks of purchasing the wrong piece are high, so make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.

Keeping collectibles out of reach

There’s a fine line between incorporating antiques and rustic furniture in the same room. You need to consider the type of room you want to use the collectibles in, as well as the type of climate they’ll be exposed to. To keep your collectibles safe from the elements, consider storing them in a climate-controlled room. Otherwise, they could get damaged or stolen.

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