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How to Mix Modern and Rustic Decor

When mixing and matching the styles of rustic and contemporary furniture, a key aspect is balancing the look. Rustic furniture has rustic, earthy aesthetics while contemporary furniture has clean lines and modern materials. The key to mixing two styles is balance; moving too far one way will result in a room with unbalanced items. The key to blending two styles successfully is to take one feature at a time.

Accent chairs

Modern and rustic accent chairs offer different aesthetics. The former is more minimalist and emphasizes function over form, while the latter emphasizes rustic wood and distressed finishes. Both types are great accent chairs that can bring personality to your home. They are made with great craftsmanship and feature different shapes and textures. The following are some examples of both styles:

Distressed metals

If you want to create a country look, distressed metals are essential for rustic homes. They can create a unique antique look and are a great way to enhance the decor of any room. Distressed metal wall hangings can add an eye-catching statement to any bedroom, while distressed metal clocks blend the rustic and modern styles of decor. Distressed metal accents can also be found in open cupboards and pantry cabinets. The modern rustic decor also uses outdoor lighting and maximizes natural light. Plants and landscapes can complete the look and complement the distressed metals in the decor.


When trying to create a rustic or modern look, organic shapes and textures are key. Wood’s texture and woodgrain help create a comfortable and inviting feel, while its natural rings lend a natural aesthetic that blends well with the modern and sleek lines of contemporary furniture. Incorporating both wood and metal in a room can create a truly beautiful look. If you’re feeling creative, layer the two styles together by using contrasting finishes and materials.


Succulents are a great way of adding both natural beauty and functionality to your home. Their shallow root system makes them ideal for container planting. In addition to their easy-to-care-for leaves, succulents add a subtle woodsy feel to any room. If you’re looking for a plant that will blend well with your modern decor, you should consider purchasing a Hen and Chicks plant. These plants have fleshy, silvery leaves that complement the copper finish of the tub.

Picture windows

If you’re decorating a room with picture windows, consider a neutral color palette. These two decorating styles work best when you use natural light to brighten the room. Neutral fabrics are also an excellent choice for furniture and rugs. Plus, they’re good sound absorbers. You can use a combination of different colors in the window treatments and on other elements in the room. You can also incorporate different textures into the space.

Sliding barn door

Sliding barn doors are a great way to add a touch of charm to a modern living room. Whether you want to keep the laundry room private or incorporate different textures and patterns, sliding doors can easily update your décor. You can choose to paint the door a bold color or paint it a lighter tone. You can also opt for a wooden frame and glass panels to make the door look more refined.

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