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How to Mix Modern and Rustic Beachy Decor

You can easily mix and match rustic and modern beachy decor if you know how to use nautical materials and a natural color scheme. Here are some tips to ensure your room looks cohesive:

Keeping a color scheme consistent

One of the key ingredients to creating a harmonious blend of modern and rustic beachy decor is keeping a color scheme consistent. This is a simple rule to remember: when combining two different design styles, the main color should be the same. The darker the color, the more nautical the look will be. Keep the rest of the colors in the same family – blue, green, and yellow. If possible, choose colors that are near the water. If you do decide to mix these styles, be sure to incorporate greenery in the room. Plants with large leaves will provide an abundance of foliage.

If you are trying to mix modern and rustic beachy decor, you can create a magical look by layering the materials. You can add character and depth to your space by choosing furnishings with contrasting finishes. For example, rustic wood paneling contrasts with a smooth boxy concrete fireplace surround. You can also choose furnishings with contrasting finishes, such as distressed leather on the upholstery.

Keeping a pattern consistent

It is possible to mix opposite design styles, but you need to get over any preconceptions. You need to believe that there is a way to successfully blend these two styles. Once you do, you’ll see the magic unfold. Consider some of the common mistakes when mixing modern and rustic beachy decor. Keep in mind that modern rustic decor tends to be unfussy and uncluttered.

Keeping a color contrast

If you’re looking to combine two different styles of coastal home decor, try mixing and matching white and rustic brown. The color white is synonymous with beach living and evokes feelings of purity and serenity, but you can also use a more modern approach by mixing white with neutrals and adding texture. Adding raw materials is another great way to combine rustic and modern coastal decor.

To mix rustic and modern styles, use wood. Dark wood lends a modern look, while black subway tiles give a polished feel. A wide wood frame mirror adds a rustic element to the room. Another way to add a rustic edge is to mix fusion decor. For example, the living room at Dazey Den pairs teal and blush pink. The colors stand out even more against the midcentury furniture and patterned rug. Midcentury shelving and the vintage look of the fireplace nod to rustic imagery.

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