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How to Mix Modern and Coastal Decor

Coastal style is about comfort and ease, so add soft, plush pillows and blankets in the living area. The goal is to create a beachy, yet modern space. Use neutral colors and clean lines to create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. Incorporate natural materials and coastal plants throughout the room for a fresh, modern look. You can find coastal decorating tips for any budget and style. Keep reading to learn how to mix modern and coastal decor!

White walls

A white wall can work well in a room that is dominated by white furniture and accessories. However, there are several ways to break up a white wall. You can add a tall bookshelf to a room that can double as storage space and wall decor. A long wall can accommodate two bookcases side by side. You can also use a large mirror as a focal point. White walls can be visually unsettling, but with a few creative tricks, you can make them look like an oasis in the middle of the room.

One of the easiest ways to jazz up a white wall is to add a collection of art. These can be anything from one large piece to a series of small paintings. You could also create a gallery wall by hanging carefully chosen photographs. Choose pieces that share a common theme or have similar frame colors. A coordinated color scheme can also help tie everything together. If you have a small budget, the most affordable way to decorate white walls is with a large collection of art.

Natural materials

If you want a contemporary and coastal look, you can opt for abstract pieces. They allude to the ocean without replicating it. Coastal homes should also have woven accents. You can add jute rugs for a contemporary look, while traditional wicker chairs can be updated with sleek industrial lighting. Here are some tips to balance traditional and modern decor:

Coastal decor is about mixing natural elements with clean and simple designs. Natural materials such as woven pieces, linen, and driftwood are incorporated with clean, modern furniture. The combination of these elements creates a striking contrast. Incorporate a jute rug with white bed linens, a rattan pendant lamp, and a triptych wall art. Avoid synthetic materials, faux leather, and velvet.

Clean lines

When mixing modern and coastal decor, choose clean, sleek silhouettes for both. A striking light fixture can balance out traditional coastal furniture. Coastal homes often feature slip-covered furniture, but for a modern look, choose sleeker fabrics and shapes. Avoid patterns based on fish, sea life, or paisley. Instead, look for patterns in muted shades of beige, blue, or brown. Incorporate woven accents in coastal homes to bring the look together.

Coastal and modern designs go together beautifully. Modern coastal decor emphasizes clean lines and ocean hues for a sleek, contemporary look. The combination of both styles creates a room that has a distinctly nautical feel while keeping it from looking too kitschy. If you are considering combining coastal and modern decor, make sure you choose colors and fabrics that complement each other. Modern coastal decor is often more contemporary than coastal, but both styles can look stunning in a home.

Coastal plants

When deciding on the right paint color for a room, consider mixing neutral and coastal tones. If you’re trying to create a relaxed beach-like ambiance, choose a sea-inspired shade of blue. The seaside decor is typically light and airy, so you may want to combine this look with light wood tones. If you’d like to add a touch of nature, you could go for a fern plant in a basket on the floor or a palm tree.

Coastal decorating is all about using natural materials. While some coastal decor uses more contemporary materials, the natural feel of the ocean is a popular choice. Coastal decor styles can also be paired with classic patterns. For example, the classic ticking stripe pattern pairs well with sleek contemporary furniture. These patterns evoke the beach and provide a coastal ambiance without going overboard. Modern coastal decor can be incorporated into existing rooms with a simple seashore color palette.

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