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How to Mix Coastal and Lodge Decor

A coastal farmhouse is a style of interior decoration that combines elements of both styles. The look of a coastal farmhouse is reminiscent of a rustic farmhouse and combines natural elements with modern styling. Coastal furniture is made of natural materials, such as straw, and rugs are often made of billowy, light-colored fabrics. The wood used is usually white-washed or blond maple. Incorporate ticking stripe patterns and lighter woods into your decor.

The coastal farmhouse is a mix of coastal and lodge decor

The coastal farmhouse is a style that merges rustic warmth and the soft colors of nature. Soft stripes and floral wallpaper on a feature wall are both classic elements for this look. Added nautical elements can be incorporated without looking kitschy. Look for nautical artwork and decorative driftwood, but be sure to steer clear of nautical-style furniture. Coastal farmhouse homes should have open windows that allow plenty of natural light to shine through.

Console tables

Coastal and lodge-style rooms can be made to complement each other. You can mix nautical and lodge decor by placing a coastal console table in the entryway. This style has many great options for decorating the entryway and should fit into any decor scheme. If you are not sure where to place this furniture piece, consider purchasing it for the entryway. Look for a table that will add texture to the room, such as a mirror. You can pair it with a matching artistic mirror on the wall for a truly unique look.

Ticking stripe patterns

If you’re looking to add a bit of rustic charm to your decor, try mixing two distinct ticking stripe patterns in one room. The trick is to pick stripes with different widths and colors. To make it work, use cording to trim drapes or upholstered walls. You can also make pillows in triangular pieces from different ticking stripes. Paisley can break up the pattern and add visual interest.


A nautical vibe can be achieved by mixing bold stripes with warm neutrals and adding elements such as reclaimed wood and metal. A seaside cottage-inspired room can also be given a nautical twist with fabrics in bright colors, such as floral wallpaper. Faux-effect plank-look wallpaper is another great way to add a nautical touch to your decor. You can even incorporate vintage seaside finds such as driftwood, shells, and shell-shaped vases.

round coastal rugs

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