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How to Mix Beach Glam Decor With Boho, Beach Glitz, and Mid-Century Modern

Adding a hint of glam to your home is as simple as adding a few pieces of glam-themed furniture. This style combines elements of boho, beach glam, and mid-century modern design. This look will make any room feel luxurious and comfortable. Whether you’re going for a coastal beach look or Mid-century modern glam, there are several different ways to decorate with these themes.

Boho glam

For a more relaxed vibe, consider a boho retro decor scheme. Boho glam decor is a blend of relaxed style with luxurious glamour. Think hippie chicks in floaty floral dresses strumming guitars. One of the most famous boho items is the peacock chair, a fan-shaped wicker piece that traces its origins to Southeast Asia in the 17th century.

Coastal glam

The key to mixing coastal and glitzy styles in your home is to be bold! The look is defined by sleek, high-polished surfaces, rich textures and patterns, and bright white and nautical blue. You can also use geometric patterns and bold florals. If you’re unsure of how to mix beach glam decor, consider adding a bit of upscale coastal style. This will create a more sophisticated look for your home.

Mid-century modern glam

Beach glitz and Mid-century Modern style are often combined, and this design trend combines the best of both. A beach house or beach-inspired bedroom is a fun way to spruce up your home. Adding a touch of glam to the bedroom will make it feel more luxurious and fun while adding to the relaxed feel of the room. While it might seem difficult to balance glam and beach decor, it’s easier than you think.

Coastal glam furniture

This look combines traditional elements with contemporary accents and is a great way to update your coastal-themed home. Coastal glam includes sleek surfaces, high-shine metals, and rectilinear shapes with curvilinear accents. You’ll also notice bold, patterned fabrics, and touches of kitsch. To incorporate this look into your home, start by choosing furniture that reflects the beach. Then, add coastal elements, such as beachy decor accessories, as well as beachy art.


If you’re looking for a new beach wardrobe, try mixing and matching a few beach glam accessories. The beach glam look includes a combination of sleek surfaces, glossy metals, rectilinear lines, and curvilinear accents, original artwork, and natural fibers. Beach glam accessories include beach bags and hats. If you’re not sure what to wear with your new beachwear, consider a new beach dress that features both classic and upscale designs.

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