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How to Mix Beach Cottage and Country Decor

How to mix beach cottage and country decor? The answer is pretty simple – choose Coastal colors and patterns, accents, and accessories. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. Keep reading to learn how Nancy and Kim styled their shelf to create a beach feel with minimal clutter. Then, see what you can do yourself! And remember, more coastal touches make your home look even cozier! Now that you know how to mix beach cottage and country decor, you can create the same look in your own home!

Coastal colors

Coastal color palettes combine the casual and natural feel of the beach with a country or cottage aesthetic. Beachy colors include seafoam green, ocean blue, driftwood grey, and sandy brown. You can also incorporate pops of crimson and coral for a tailor-made look. Cream curtains and sea-hued fabrics will punctuate the sea-hued palette.

Coastal-style rooms often feature white and blue accents. The light, airy colors go well with natural wood tones, which makes the home look more open and welcoming. Gold walls, on the other hand, provide a warm and welcoming feel. You can also use colorful tiles and other small touches to tie in different coastal themes. If you don’t have the money to replace the entire room, you can try painting the walls a whitewash to keep the color scheme neutral. Adding pops of color to the small details will complete the overall decorating scheme.

Coastal patterns

Coastal patterns work beautifully in a cottage’s living room or dining room. A bold dresser or evocative art piece adds country color. And a range of knits pays homage to ocean life with their stitch patterns. Here are several tips to achieve the look. Here’s a look at three examples of how to combine beach cottage and country decor. And don’t forget to bring in a beach theme by adding a nautical theme to your home.

To add a coastal feel to your living room, choose neutral colors and accent colors in soft shades. Typically, neutrals, light blues, and greys are used, but you can vary these shades and patterns to match your decor. True blues and crisp whites create a Med-style look, while warm creams and blue-green shades are appropriate for a country coastal mix. Coastal Motif patterns work beautifully as an accent to an ottoman cover or curtain topper.

Coastal accents

To achieve the perfect beach cottage look, use pieces that look more like they belong on the seaside. Natural, rustic materials such as wood furniture and metal lamps can add cottage appeal. Unpainted brick accents also look great in beach cottages and country decor. And painting furniture legs with beachy colors will give it a more homey feel. Coastal accents can add a warm feel to your home, while rustic wood pieces like barn doors can be more rugged.

To achieve a coastal look in your kitchen, choose a colorful backsplash. A patterned backsplash with a bright print or colorful polka dots can complete the look. You can also add nautical accents to your bookcases by adding seashells, nautical-themed adventure novels, or favorite nautical signs. To add a touch of color to your coastal kitchen, try installing a backsplash made of textured ceramic tiles.

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