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How to Mingle Queen Anne and Coastal Style Furniture

If you are unsure of how to mix Queen Anne and coastal-style furniture, the best way to start is by learning about each piece’s unique character and design. You should also learn about its specific characteristics such as cabriole legs, Chippendale, William and Mary, and Cabriole legs. Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing can help you get an idea of your desired design.

Cabriole legs

One of the characteristics of coastal and Queen Anne furniture is its curved legs. The cabriole leg, or bun foot, is a common design element found in coastal furniture. Each piece has a unique design, but they share several common elements. These include graceful curves and a rounded front. In addition to curved legs, these pieces also feature fiddle-back chair backs and bat-wing drawer pulls.

Tables in the Queen Anne style typically have cabriole legs. Although these legs are functional, they don’t look particularly decorative. Many coastal and queen Anne tables and chairs have pad feet, which are not as elegant as cabriole legs. The style is not likely to go out of style, since the pieces feature traditional and unique details. Therefore, it is highly likely to last for several decades.


If you are planning to mix and match coastal and Queen Anne furniture in your home, you will need to know what kind of woods they both use. Most early American furniture is made from oak, walnut, or maple, but secondary pieces often use a different type of wood. In addition, the wood used for the major pieces will not necessarily match that of the secondary pieces. Luckily, there are a few ways to mix and match these styles and get the look you love.

William and Mary

The style known as Queen Anne was very popular for a few decades. It was defined by its restrained decoration and clean, straight lines. You can still find authentic pieces of Queen Anne furniture, but they are much more expensive than modern coastal furniture. If you are looking to mix coastal and Queen Anne pieces in your home, consider using a mixture of both styles. Read on to learn more. Here are some tips:


A perfect example of how to mingle Queen Anne furniture with coastal furniture is the dining room, which is a great place to incorporate bold patterns and groovier pieces. The Cohasset dining room, for example, features a mother-of-pearl shell chandelier that dresses down formal elements and ties the space to the Atlantic Ocean. You can also use pendant lighting to cut costs and give your rooms the right amount of light.

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