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How to Mill Word Into Rustic Furniture

Creating rustic furniture requires milling two-foot-thick chunks of straight-grained, good-splitting white oak. An old-time Georgia mountaineer, Lon Reid, demonstrates how to mill two-foot-thick cedar splints to create slatted chairs. He demonstrates the process from various perspectives, from the bottom-up to the top-down.

Glenn’s rustic furniture shop

If you’re looking for rustic furniture, consider purchasing a piece from Glenn’s shop in Thompsonville, Michigan. The shop specializes in making custom furniture from wood found on his property. Located in a rural community, Glenn and his team can build virtually any piece of furniture for your home or business, as long as the piece is simple, rustic, and functional. To get started, call or visit the shop to learn more about the custom furniture available for your home.

During a vacation, Mr. Autry bought furniture from Slab/Stix. While on vacation, he bought everything he could see in the shop and drove it to his home in Mississippi. When he got back home, he called the shop and bought everything in duplicate. He used these pieces to build a 12-foot slab table for his clients, Vista Brothers, a Grand Rapids-based swimming pool building company. The company needed an oversized table to display large blueprints.

L Post Rustics

The Post family of Wisconsin has a long tradition of creating beautiful custom art furniture, cabinetry, and hand-carved items. This business can operate seven days a week and is family-run. The Posts have four members: father Ryan, mother Joann, and son Michael. Ryan Post designs cabinets using a computer, while Joann contributes artwork and designs. The two work together to create beautiful, sturdy pieces for their clients.

The first step in the process is selecting and milling two-foot-thick, straight-grained, good-splitting pieces of white oak. Then, using hand tools, Lon Reid, an old-time mountaineer from Georgia, shows how to build slatted chairs with cedar splints. In addition, Roy Underhill shows a different approach to building a rustic chair.

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