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How to Make Your Own Rustic Log Furniture From Tree to Table

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own rustic log furniture but didn’t know how to start, you can learn how to do it with this book! Award-winning outdoor writer and photographer Alan Garbers teaches you how to use raw logs to create stylish and eco-friendly pieces. It even teaches you how to build your own lumber kiln! This is an easy way to turn logs into rustic log furniture!

Making a log bench

A rustic log bench looks wonderful in any outdoor space, whether it’s in your backyard or in your front garden. To make one, you must split a log so that the two sides of the log lie side by side. True up the adjoining edges so there are no pinch points. Next, cut a V-shape into the logs for the legs. You can varnish the finished log bench to make it weatherproof, but you don’t have to. If you want, you can leave the natural look of the logs for a more rustic appearance.

Cut two log sections if you’re making a single seat. Make sure to leave the top ends clean. Once you have the log sections cut to length, you can begin attaching the logs to form the seat. You’ll need two men to hold the logs together, as they’re heavy. You’ll also need a pair of long spikes so that you can secure them to the logs.

Making a log table

If you’ve ever wanted to create rustic log furniture, you’ll have to learn how to make joints. Rustic log furniture is much chunkier than most furniture, but with clean lines and finished designs that are more refined than hand-hewn furniture. The wood you use will greatly influence the final product, as different types of wood are better suited for different projects. Once you have mastered the basics of jointing, you can progress to more challenging projects like tables and chairs.

Using a drawknife is one of the most traditional tools for building rustic log furniture. It’s great for peeling logs and making tenons, but requires a lot of effort. The downside of using a drawknife is that it will close up the pores in the wood. While this won’t be as much of a problem if you’re building furniture for the inside of your home, it’s an important consideration for outdoor use, as it may prevent stains from penetrating.

Building a lumber kiln

If you are interested in making rustic log furniture, you will need to dry your wood before assembling it. A lumber kiln is a great way to get your wood dry in a fast and efficient manner. This simple tool is made out of an insulated box that is made of a light wooden frame that carries plastic. All seams should be sealed with vapor barrier tape. You can also cut small access holes so that you can control the dehumidifier and measure the moisture content of the wood. The wood in the kiln should be at a minimum of 7 percent moisture content when you begin to work with it.

Lumber kilns are typically used for lumber drying and are quite expensive. Kiln-drying wood is a great way to make your logs last longer. It speeds up the drying process, which would otherwise take a long time. Wood with a moisture content of 12% or higher will not function well when crafted into furniture. Kiln-drying wood helps prevent warping and is the best way to preserve its quality.

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