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How to Make Your Furniture Look Rustic

There are many different ways to distress furniture. Here are seven of them. Distressing is the best option to achieve an aged, farmhouse look. You can distress wood with paint or stain. One way is to use a wooden block to rub down the piece. Another way is by distressing the piece using 220 grit sandpaper. After distressing, apply a second coat of paint. Finally, add some wood stain.

Seven ways to distress furniture

Distressing is a configuration trend that has become a commonplace practice. Distressing furniture to give it an old-world, vintage look is becoming more popular than ever. There are several ways to distress wood furniture. Follow these tips and your furniture will look as if it has been aged and weathered for years. First, determine where to distress your furniture. Generally, distressed furniture will have more damage at the corners and edges. Distressed dressers should have more distressed areas on the edges and less around the center.

Applying paint

Before applying paint to your new piece of furniture, you need to determine which type of finish is best for your piece. Dark woods usually show through paint more easily than light ones, so the more coats you apply, the better coverage you will achieve. Before painting, apply a primer to prevent streaking. Make sure to blot off excess paint using a lint-free rag.

Using a wooden block

One of the easiest ways to give your furniture a rustic look is to use a wooden block as a stencil. You can use a chisel or hammer to add cracks or light depressions to the wood. It also works well for applying paint to distressed wood. You can even use reclaimed boat wood, which has a lot of character. These are just a few of the many ways you can use a wooden block to give your furniture a worn-out look.

Adding wood stain

To create a more aged and natural look for your wood furniture, consider adding a layer of wood stain. This process can be done with two types of stain: oil and water-based. Using a jigsaw will help you make deeper cuts. Pay special attention to the edges and corners when distressing wood. Wipe away any excess debris. Apply a light coat of wood stain to the distressed area. You can also use baking soda to weather the wood.

Painting with milk paint

Milk paint has a unique history and can be used on everything from antique Egyptian artifacts to Shaker-style furniture. Its rich color saturation and aged appearance make it appealing to many people. Learn how to make milk paint and transform your old furniture. We have included affiliate links for your convenience! And now, let’s move on to how to apply milk paint on furniture. Follow these tips to create a distressed finish that will last for many years.

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