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How to Make White Furniture Look Rustic

If you want to create a rustic look in your home, you should consider using a little bit of distressing on white furniture. Bright white furniture can look too fresh for rustic decor, so you should consider using different finishing methods on these pieces. You can also let your children help you out in this process by beating up the pieces. This will help them learn some of the art of finishing. Here are some tips:

Paint only part of the piece white

If you’re looking for a rustic look for your white furniture, consider painting just part of it. There are several methods you can use, but these techniques will give your white furniture a unique character. Here are a few tips to get the look you want. After you’ve completed your paint job, make sure to wipe off any excess paint, and use a soft rag to reclaim the wood.

Using a wax-based varnish will give the wood some color and keep the white paint from coming off too easily. Another great technique is to use bright yellow latex paint mixed with water. Then, apply the glaze to the furniture. After the paint has dried, use a rag to wipe off the wet paint. This technique will create random dark spots that will give your white furniture an aged look.

Distress with a wooden block

You can easily distress white furniture by using a wooden block. Simply dip it in paint and then scrape it along the grain. It works well with multiple colors and layers of paint. If your wood piece has a lot of texture, this technique is perfect for you. You can use it on both painted and raw wood. You can also create a distressed look by applying several layers of paint. For an authentic distressed look, you can even try using reclaimed boat wood.

If you don’t have access to a hammer or a key, then you can use a nail or a sharp wire brush to create small holes in the wood. The trick is to avoid damaging the furniture to the point where it needs to be repaired, otherwise, it will not look natural. Alternatively, a small dent, scrape, or gouge will look good. However, you must be very careful not to damage the surface of the furniture too much.

Pair it with wood

When choosing the right color scheme for your space, you may wonder how to pair white furniture with wood. Luckily, the combination of white and wood can be surprisingly beautiful. Using different shades of the same wood will give you an array of variations in the final look of the room. To achieve this look, try mixing two different kinds of wood and contrasting them in different ways. For instance, try mixing a warm finish on one piece of furniture with a cool finish on another.

When choosing the right wood for your space, consider its grain. While oak, mahogany, and cherry are considered more formal woods, pine, maple, and bamboo are less formal options. Sticking with the same family of wood will help you create a cohesive look. Alternatively, you can choose wood pieces with large or small grains. Similarly, you can use a fabric pattern to tie the pieces together.

Add a rope hanger

One of the simplest ways to add rustic style to white furniture is to hang a rope hanger over it. A rope hanger is a metal circle attached to ropes. It can be hung anywhere, such as above a door, on a wall, or in the window. You can also add a rope hanger to the top of a white piece of furniture for an industrial look.

In addition to furniture, you can also use rope on trays, baskets, and drawers. To create a rustic-looking hanger, tie a rope in a large knot. If you’re having trouble securing the rope, you can try burning the ends so they stay dry. The rope can be used as a picture hanger, too. The rope makes a perfect picture frame.

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