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How to Make Western Decor For a Classy Party

If you’re planning a classy party, consider incorporating a country-western theme. The country-western decor theme has a variety of styles ranging from the rustic charm of the Midwest to the adventurous spirit of the Wild West. There are many different ways to incorporate this theme into your party, from hay decorations to cowhide prints. Here’s a look at how to make western decor for a classy party.

Country-western reception, banquet, and dinner decorating embodies a broad range of styles

Whether your theme is rustic or refined, country-western reception, banquet, or dinner decorating will be the perfect accent for your special day. This style can be created with various elements, such as candlelight, natural materials, and rustic-chic furniture. For more subtle accents, consider using table runners and napkin rings that reflect the theme. For the centerpiece, you can use burlap strips, simulated rusty barbed wire, and white napkins.

While a country-western-themed wedding is generally a rustic affair, it does not mean that you can’t incorporate other styles in the decor. While brown and bright colors are ideal for country-western-themed weddings, a mix of materials and textures will complement the theme. If your centerpiece is not see-through, consider a complementary item, such as candles, instead. Small vases or other elements can be placed in the center of the table.

It’s a classy party theme

You can add rustic, country, and western touches to any occasion with Western decor. From hay bales to faux fencing, you can add a classy rustic look to your party with Western decor. If you’re looking for free western fonts for your DIY invitations and labels, check out this list by Heather Moritz Fine Designs. This collection includes several fonts you can download to create custom labels or “wanted” posters.

A western-themed photo booth is a fun way to get guests excited. You can create wanted posters using photos of Facebook users and customize them for each guest. Be sure to tell guests to wear their finest country western attire when they arrive. These can be hung from the wall and serve as great souvenirs. For added fun, create a photo booth with wanted signs and real horses, and use them to display the photos on the wall.

It’s easy to create

If you want to throw a classy party with a country western theme, you will need plenty of decorations to make the theme come to life. Use western-inspired items such as striped throws, pillows with diamond patterns, and mason jars or ceramic pitchers filled with wildflowers. The centerpieces and food will grab the most attention, but there are also some other fun ways to make this theme come to life. Consider using labels for your decorations to make them more distinctive and enhanced. Customize your labels with cute phrases or guest names to make them even more distinctive.

Using barrels as seating is a fun idea, and it’s easy to decorate them with cowboy hats and ornamental chickens. To create a western ambiance, use a wild west-themed welcome sign near the dessert table. You can even make cowboy-themed party signs to display at the venue. Western-themed party signs are a fun way to invite guests.

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