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How to Make Tribal Patterns in Illustrator

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make your own tribal pattern in Illustrator, look no further. We will show you how to create a Hexagon, Tri-color, or Aztec pattern design. You can also download some of the free patterns available on the internet. Just be sure to use a suitable color palette when working with these patterns, as they often have a very vibrant look.

Aztec pattern designs

If you want to use a pattern from the ancient history of Mexico or any other part of the world, you can easily use a free Aztec pattern design in Illustrator. This pattern design is widely used in various applications, including apparel, textiles, and wall hangings. You can easily customize the Aztec pattern designs for different uses. After customizing it, you can download the printable Aztec patterns and print them on your own. A free ornamental Aztec pattern is available for download as a vector file. You can customize this pattern to make it look as if it’s made of a fabric that you like.

There are two main ways to create an Aztec pattern in Illustrator. The first way is to use the Create Tile Clones tool. This tool allows you to create a simple repeated pattern using a selection of shapes. In the Create Tile Clones tool, you can also choose from different gradients, and use the Pen Tool to draw intricate designs. This tool is highly recommended for creating repeating patterns. Aztec pattern designs in Illustrator are incredibly easy to create.

Tri-color pattern designs

In order to create a stunning, unified look for your patterns, you need to use a combination of yellow, green, and blue. These colors will be reflected in the recolor artwork option in Illustrator. This tool allows you to quickly experiment with different color combinations and apply harmony rules. Shumi is a self-taught graphic designer who became a Certified Photoshop Expert in 6 months. She has worked with companies such as Toni&Guy, Renaissance Learning, and Baker Ross, to name a few.

Creating a pattern in Illustrator is a highly visual, intuitive art. To ensure that the pattern is balanced, you need to carefully space your icons. You can experiment with this after making the pattern. To select the icons, use the “V” selection tool and drag the cursor over the artboard. Once you have selected the icons, click Object > Pattern and Make. Once you have created the basic pattern, you can edit its position, size, and appearance.

Hexagon pattern designs

To create a Hexagon pattern in Illustrator, follow these simple steps. First, select the Pen tool in the Tools panel. Hover over the top corner of the hexagon and click on the Pen tool. Hover over the brown stroke. When hovering over it, you’ll see a plus sign. Next, select the polygon. Now, select the top brown hexagon’s anchor point. Select it, then press the Option/Alt key. Select 30deg and OK.

Next, download the free Hexagon patterns from Redbubble. These patterns come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They range from small to extra large. You can also choose between men’s and women’s sizes. Every purchase will help support the artist who created them. In this way, you can support a talented independent artist while using free resources online. You can use these designs to make your own Hexagon patterns.

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