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How to Make Rustic White Furniture

If you’ve ever wondered how to make rustic white furniture, you’re not alone. The internet has plenty of ideas on how to achieve that look. Distressing a piece of furniture is a great way to add a touch of rustic style to your home. Here are some tips to help you achieve the look. Learn how to apply paint, distress a piece of furniture, and seal the finish to achieve that rustic, white look.

Distressing a piece of furniture

Whether your piece is old and worn, or new and bright, there are a few easy ways to distress white rustic furniture. For the best results, distressing a piece with a two-color approach requires a base coat and a second coat. To create a one-color finish, use 220-grit sandpaper to reveal the first color. Jolie Matte Finish Paint or chalk-type paint works best for this type of distressed look.

The Shabby-chic look has made distressed furnishings popular in contemporary homes. Decorative wire-brushed baker racks and whitewashed or pickled cabinets can add farmhouse style to a kitchen, while an antique urn in a sitting room can add interest. Anyone can learn how to distress a piece of rustic white furniture by restoring it to an antique state. You can also distress other items for modern-day home decor.

Applying paint

If you want to apply paint to rustic white furniture, you must take the wood finish off first. You can use a wire wool pad and turps or sandpaper to sand down the pieces. Apply a coat of paint and let it dry completely. Once the last coat of paint is dry, you can distress the pieces by using fine-grit sandpaper. The higher the grit, the finer the sandpaper should be. If you use coarse sandpaper, it will not look natural and will leave noticeable marks on the parts that are not distressed.

You can apply several layers of paint to rustic white furniture. The first layer of paint is made of house paint, which expands and contracts as it ages. This means that applying two coats of paint on the same piece of furniture will result in a distressed finish. The second layer should be applied over the first layer. If the pieces have a finish that is not distressed, you will need to use a sanding cloth.


Before painting, you should sand rustic white furniture to make it smoother. It will also prevent paint from adhering improperly. Some paints adhere better to certain surfaces than others, so sanding is necessary to avoid this problem. To sand furniture, start by sanding all parts that may be affected by the paint. The most common places to sand include edges, corners, and the area around drawer pulls.

Next, use sandpaper. You can use fine or coarse sandpaper. Choose fine or coarse sandpaper to match the surface texture of your furniture. After sanding the piece, wipe it with a rag to remove any dust. If the piece is already painted, use a tack cloth to wipe off the remaining dust. Sanding distressed furniture is a great way to add warmth and character to your home.


When you’re painting furniture, it’s important to apply a sealer to keep it looking its best. Although the new paints that are available on the market now have a sealer already included in them, you should still apply another layer of protection. While some sealers have zero VOCs, others may contain harmful chemicals that you should avoid. To help protect your furniture’s finish, we have listed the main reasons you should seal it.

When applying a sealer, it is important to make sure the paintbrush is angled and applies a smooth, even coat of sealant. Make sure to wipe any drips or bubbles off with a tack cloth as the sealer dries too quickly. Also, be sure to follow the directions to the letter. If you are unsure, you can try testing the sealer on a piece first to see if it will give the furniture a white or milky finish.

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