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How to Make Rustic-Look Patio Furniture

Repurposed wood and steel drums are a great way to make rustic-looking patio furniture. If you have an old wooden step ladder, you can turn it into a rustic display stand. You can also create shelves from timber scaffold boards. First, clean the ladder to remove any splinters and rust, then cut lengths of wood of varying lengths and screw them to the rungs. Alternatively, you can leave the boards in their natural state or paint them brightly with outdoor paint.

Repurposed scaffold boards

You can use reclaimed scaffold boards to make rustic-looking patio furniture. Cut the scaffold boards to the desired length. The boards are typically thirteen feet long. You can use two boards to make a bench. If you want a more refined look, you can sand the scaffold boards down with an electric sander. These boards are durable and easy to work with. You can also use them for other outdoor projects such as planters and benches.

Repurposed wooden crates

Repurposed wooden crates can be turned into a variety of home furnishings, including an open toybox for your kids. These can be combined with other materials to create a cabinet-like structure. Place the cabinet-like structure near a window for natural light. The top shelves can be used for storage of potted plants or books. Repurposed wood crates are also an environmentally friendly choice.

Repurposed steel drums

If you’re looking for a unique way to add rustic charm to your outdoor space, you can make some of your own repurposed steel drum furniture. Many industrial drums are already repurposed, but you can easily add more life to them by upcycling them yourself. You can create benches, tables, and more from these recycled steel drums. Here are some ideas.

Repurposed wooden fruit crates

Repurposed wooden fruit crates make great outdoor storage. They can be painted in a variety of colors to add a rustic look to your patio decor. The wooden cubbies can be secured with wooden battens or fixed in a row. You can also fix multiple wooden crates together to make a pigeonhole-style shelf unit. You can use these crates as decorative shelves and use them as a base for pretty displays.

Upcycled wooden fruit crates

Upcycled wooden fruit crates make for a rustic-looking shelving unit. If you don’t have many of these on hand, you can purchase a bunch of vintage ones for as little as $8 each. Once you’ve chosen the right ones, you can begin assembling them. Start by drilling pilot holes in the corner braces of the crates. Then, use 2-inch deck screws to fasten them to a wall. You can use these shelves to display pots and plants and weather the dirt.

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